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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Down Memory Lane

The first phase of the journey complete. After seeing our belongings off we travelled down to Dave's parents in Kent. If all the journey is as trouble free I will be very happy. Even the M25 at 5.30 was not too much of a nightmare, and apart from the odd heavy shower, the weather was good.

Today we have been on a tour of Dave's old haunts from his childhood. Rural Kent in spring cannot be beaten for fresh beauty. I have never been down when the apple blossom has been out, and it is worth seeing. Most of the old orchards have been re-planted with small, easy to manage trees, planted cosily together.

We took the girls to a wood where Dave and his brother used to play as children. The broom was just breaking out, as were the bluebells. I'm glad we saw them , good native ones.

The girls had a whale of a time, with Bella finding lots of revolting things to roll in, much to Dave's disgust...and mine when we got into the car....pheeewww!

There were a lot of very busy wood ants, they're HUGE! I managed to take one back to the car.

We went to see where the family lived, cottages which are now very much des res. We would kill to live in a place like this now, surrounded by apples and woodland. But we now have our little slice of Bulgaria, and we are looking forward to seeing what it is like now, in late Spring. A lot greener than when we last saw it!

We have managed to see a lot of Dave's family. Living so far North we haven't seen an awful lot of them over the past decade, but they are always on the other end of the  'phone, and Skype is a marvellous thing. I hope at least some of them will make the trip out to Bulgaria, and they will always be more than welcome for however long they want to stay.
Tomorrow we will be leaving at midnight to catch the 2am ferry over the channel, so will be well and truly on the way. The biggest thing for me is having to leave the girls in the car on their own for the duration of the crossing, they are not the bravest of animals, but I hope they will take comfort from each other.

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