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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Goodbye old life

Dave's last day at work today, he had to do the rounds to say goodbye to colleagues, and pick up some leaving cards and pessies. Despite some aggro these last few weeks, after a letter from the States and a certificate recognising the hard work he has put in to his records, he is feeling more cheerful, despite not getting recognition from his own superiors.

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it might seem. Despite Dave being super organised, ferry and hotels en route booked, boxes labelled, with two lists, one detailed, one general. Everything taped up so well it will take hours to get in to anything (I blame his Mother for his over use of tape!) and stacked so all the boxes are straight.

We had an e-mail from the company moving our stuff to say there will be a delay of five days as there is a problem with the wagon taking it out to BG. Not their fault, and at least they can pick it up as arranged, which is just as well as we have to move out tomorrow. So we now have to decide if we are going to look for a dog friendly B&B or camp on beds which haven't been used since goodness knows when.

Ah well, I'm sure it will be all right in the end. At least we have been able to arrange to have the keys left with English speaking Russian neighbours, so we can at least get in!

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