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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thunder storms and chickens.  11-6-2013
Last night we had the biggest, loudest thunderstorm I have ever seen! It started just before nine. We had left the windows open as it was so hot, but soon had to shut them. There were sheets of lightening and forks, rumbles and claps of thunder all at once. Poor Bonnie. Even Bella gave the odd whimper. It is the sort of thing I like to watch, but because Bonnie was so unhappy I didn't. The rain, when it came, came in sheets. Neighbours had spent hours watering as well. The electricity went off for an hour or so, which was a worry with the incubator. It is, at 5.15pm, starting to rumble again. I think all the seeds I planted the other day will have been washed away.
It is Dave's birthday today, and I forgot to bring a card out to BG with me and haven't had chance to make one. I was going to make him a cake too but the butter from the local shop was covered in black marks when I opened it so that will have to wait as well. Feel a bit mean!
We took a two hour drive over the Stara Planina mountains to fetch the chickens kindly given to us. It was a lovely day, not too hot but sunny. Took the girls as we didn't want to leave them home alone after last night's storm. What a beautiful drive it was too. The village we picked the chooks up from, Shipka, is a real tourist trap. They have a church , which you can see for miles, which has real gold on the outside. The chooks were very settled and calm on the drive home, and have settled well into their new home, tails are up and they are scratching away like good uns. We wanted females, but they are young so it is difficult to tell what they are. They are all different colours, but three have a small top-knot. There is a chestnut with black feathers, white with black and brown feathers, brown with patterned feathers, black with gold on the neck and black with silver on the neck. We are suspicious that the latter is a cockerel, it is bigger and bolshier than the others, and his neck feathers lift when he is bossing. It has a bent foot which looks as if it has been broken and mended. All is the moment.
 Dave's eggs in the incubator are due to hatch in a few days. Knowing our luck there will be males in there too. We think only half are viable, but considering the pot holes they had to contend with on the way here, never mind the post, we will be happy with just a couple.
Venka has been over with two large slabs of sirene cheese, just made, and a couple of cucumbers from her garden. We had to have yet more courgettes yesterday, but I am thinking I will make some chutney and pass some back! Also planning on making some shortbread when I can get some butter. I will keep all gifts very British as it gives them something to talk about. i will be interested to hear how our other English neighbours cope with all the generosity when they come home next week. Being a Brit who is used to not even knowing the neighbour's names it is actually quite hard to come to terms with.

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