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Thursday, 20 June 2013

I'm sure we didn't pack so much........  30-5-2013

Despite both of us struggling to fight off the lurgy, we had a better night last night being in our own very comfortable bed.
We went off to the local market early yesterday, having been told it was good for produce, eggs and chickens, but though it was very big, it was mostly clothes and shoes, with a couple of fishing gear stalls, and hardwear bits and bobs. Not a carrot in sight! Very disappointing.
Yesterday our belongings were at last delivered, but what a mountain there is! We have lived in 2 bed semis for years, and now have three beds and no space! How does that happen? Today we are going to have to think seriously about storage solutions, especially in the kitchen. So off shopping yet again.
Of course, Dave couldn't let the chaps who delivered do the job themselves, and feeling rough still,  carrying stuff down steps and up stairs doesn't help. Still. it's done now, and so the unpacking begins. We celebrated last night by watching the first few episodes of 'Mrs Brown's Boys'. I don't generally like to watch things twice, but it was just what i needed last night.
We have been having something running about in the space above the ceiling on a regular basis. It was only a matter of time before the creature showed itself, Well, last night there was an almighty crash in the en-suite and Bella dog, being the brave terrier type she is, landed on Dave, a whimpering mess. So while he was trying to extricate himself I grabbed my specs and went to see what had happened (Bonnie was still happily dozing) The damned thing has no shame and although the bedroom light went on, the dog making a noise and my light as a feather tread (ahem) approaching, it was still in the middle of the bathroom when I switched the light on and opened the door. At least I saw where the rat's (yes, RAT!) escape hole is and that will be dealt with ASAP. We will now have to use poison as there are probably more living up there too, and there was evidence of a small rodent visiting in one of the rooms when we brushed up. Now we know what we are dealing with it makes things easier. The last thing I wanted was to poison something harmless, I detest poison at any time. Maybe Dave will want to try the traps first, we will see what he thinks when he wakes.
It's a lovely cool morning after a rather muggy night, and sitting outside with the birds and dogs , the odd cockerel crowing, is just what makes me feel good.

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