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Thursday, 20 June 2013

We are in for a glut. 13-6-2013
The chooks are settling well, enough to get cheeky and try to storm their fence. They are typical chickens, although they have loads of space with bugs and other goodies galore, the grass is always greener out there! Their characters are starting to come out and they all have names now. The white one, Bunty, (after a snow bunting) seems younger than the rest as she still makes baby noises, but she is quite bold. Black and gold is Venus, she is always trying to catch flies. Cagney (chestnut) and Lacey (brown) are very busy, Cagney being very quick, and Silver, a name for either sex, is clumsy and wants to be boss but isn't clever enough. Not a pretty chicken by any means.

Dave put them in the small run last night as they had been trying to storm the fence, even trying to fly over, and the original run has six foot fences. He went off to see someone and blow me they were all out! So chased them back in...with difficulty....and watched as Bunty wriggled under the fence. Was carrying stones to block the holes when Dave got back. The electricity has gone on the new fence today which seems to have stopped the escape attempts.
Our huge apricot tree (we thought it was a plum at first) has started to fruit. There are a lot of marked fruits which will be processed for jam and chutney, but we are hoping to get plenty of sound fruit to bottle, if we can find the bottles. There are also some small plums ripening, again hoping for jam at least, and will put some in the freezer when it's delivered. Made courgette chutney today, will see what Venka makes of that.

Talking of Venka, she bought us over a pan of white bean soup yesterday which we had today, lovely it was, almost velvety.
We tried to speak to the local internet guy yesterday, but he gabbled something, named Dave (the chap who works with him) and went back indoors. So we don't know if he is going to send this Dave or we have to find him. Frustrating!  Dave also managed to order the winter wood supply which is coming on Monday. We don't even have any woodburners yet, but we will, in time for winter. The earlier you get your wood the longer it has to dry, and it's cheaper too this early.
Dave has gone digging again. He is attacking the last patch with weeds, ready for some winter veg. We are going to try purple sprouting broccoli and kale, which people have told us don't do well, but worth a try with the amount of ground we have. I will plant some quite close so I can cover some of them with a 6x4 greenhouse when the weather gets bad. Leeks and parsnips, as well as sprouts, can wait till next year.

We are continuing to have thunder storms regularly, though we are having an easier time than some others in Europe. Bonnie is hating it, but is coping better all the time. Hopefully they will not go on for much longer and we can return to peaceful living.

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