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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Taming the garden. 3-6-2013
It's a big job, but now with our own tools, plus the scythe, sickle, strimmer and hoe-digging tool found here in BG, most of the garden is now under control. We (Dave) are leaving the weed-vines in what will be a flower garden next year. The winter will cut them down then we will go against our principles and weedkill it next year, before pulling up the huge roots ready for some flowers.
The chicken run is ready for the new residents. It really was a massive job getting the vine under control, it was everywhere and almost hid the wall and was climbing wires.

 We tried to get chicken feed today but could not get the seller to understand so ended up with chick crumb, which hopefully we will need in a couple of weeks anyway. Will try writing down what we want before we go next time.
Decided to make neighbours and English cake to thank them for all the goodies they keep giving us. Did a coffee sponge with sickly sweet buttercream and water icing on top as we know they have a very sweet tooth and especially when it comes to coffee. She seemed a bit overwhelmed....or maybe appalled. Bless her.
Both neighbours came out to do weeding this afternoon. It is an awkward situation because it is our garden, with their plants, which we can eat from. Dave took out his BG tool and joined them. I think he thought it would be for an hour or so, but they went on...and on. They must both be around 70 and never stop, always up and down the garden doing something. Of course, at only 53, Dave can't really plead tiredness, though he was going much deeper with his tool and has kindly turned it over ready for me to come along and do the easy bit, only have to decide what is worth planting this late in the year!
The garden is looking amazing considering. I have never seen such beautiful courgette plants and you can almost see the sweetcorn grow.

 In the neighbour's garden, where things are tended every day and grow in really straight, ordered lines, the fruit on the tomato plants is weighing them down already, the garlic and onions are near to being pulled, all going brown in orderly fashion, the grapes are swelling. We asked about the vines in our 'lawn' which have been chopped down. It seems the management company who have been looking after the house while empty had someone in to cut everything to the ground. It looks as if they have chucked grass seed down too as the grass was all strong rye, even where it had been ploughed. Venka seemed sad about the vines, as they were her mother's, but we are determined to resurrect them as the roots are large. They are growing away nicely now, so hopefully next year we will be able to train them over some sort of frame.
We lost a large branch from the old walnut tree. It was smothered in nuts . It was just too rotten to bear the weight of leaf and nuts and just gently fell to the ground as we watched. We have dug up a load of small trees which have grown around the base, maybe we should keep one, just in case. The old apricot at the front of the house has a similar problem, the branches, laden with fruit, spread a long way. It has some sort of disease which has affected the branches and some fruit, but there is no way I am going to spray with chemicals at the age it is. If it comes to the end of it's life naturally, then so be it.
Just when we thought everyone (except me!) must be ready for bed after the marathon weeding session, we were called to the fence yet again to receive a bag with courgettes, a bottle of last year's beans for me, and some potted meat for Dave.

Today Dave went to post a letter and managed to make contact with a Scottish couple who live on the same street, but on the other side of the main village road. We will no doubt be seeing them on Sunday at the festival, and hopefully they can help us with internet connection, who is the best company for the village. I am missing the internet, I didn't realise how much I relied on it for all my recipes are on there too. I am trying to contact the man with the hens but failing every time. Infuriating.
Need to call Dave in now, he dashed back out when Venka arrived with her tool to do more weeding. She puts us all to shame!
And after all that, she comes over at 8.30 with a large block of home made sirene cheese and a pot of something which might be yoghurt! I wish I had a quarter of the energy of this woman.
           Dave cooling off in the trough....

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