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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Market day.  19-6-2013
And this time we went far enough up the road to find the fruit and veg, though there is still a limited choice. I can't get over the prices though, with eight large bulbs of fresh garlic being less then 50p, onions the equivelent of 50p a kilo and peppers costing pence. No excuse for not making chutney or eating plenty of salad (tomatoes around 70p a kilo) There was even a chap with tanks of live carp. This far in land they don't eat much fish, sea fish being very expensive. But you can get carp and trout very reasonably. I bought some smoked mackerel one day, but it was so heavily hot smoked it had no moisture in it at all, absolutely solid. Inedible I thought.
Anyway, the worst thing I saw today (we resisted going to the livestock area) was a lady with kittens in a basket. She had already sold two puppies to another stall holder, who no doubt would be selling them on. The worst thing about it was the lady selling the pups and kittens was English, and should know better than having young animals in boxes, in the sun, on a really hot day. She seemed nice enough if a bit scatty, but I am probably being harsh, she had moved out five years ago and lost her husband so probably needed the money. But stil......
Dave got himself a good axe for chopping his mountain of logs.
 Trouble is he is now addicted to chopping! He will suffer for the fact that he can't stop over the next few days.
Just off to bed and Venka came across with FOUR cucumbers and some home made yoghurt. Will be doing something with them to go with some of the bread made today.

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