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Thursday, 20 June 2013

At last...internet! 20-6-2013
We were up early to go to the river to see what we could see. It is a lovely area, the birdsong is amazing, but no chance of them posing for a portrait! And the same for hares. Saw one which was gone before the camera was ready. Put it away and blow me there was another....bah! However the dogs enjoyed their play, as did Dave, though there was a strong current which meant Bonnie got nowhere at one point though she is a strong swimmer.

I was thinking it would never happen, but when we came back from taking the dogs (and Dave) for a swim in the river a chap turned up to connect us to the internet. We think it is a package of some sort but as we do not speak Bulgarian and he doesn't speak English, we will have to wait to find out. At lest we have access to everything, and skype, though we still can't get our emails as TalkTalk is down! Such is life. Anyway, it is cheap and fast in comparison to the UK so not complaining. Time to seek out our new ex-pat friend who knows about computers and telly and stuff so he can put us straight

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