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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Thunder storms and alarms 1-6-2013
Poor Bonnie. She is such a sensitive little lab. We don't know much about her previous life, but when we got her as a three year old, she came with certain fears. Loud bangs (such as doors slamming) loud voices, loud lorries when out walking in the dark, and the usual thunder and fireworks. She is fine with guns, but not air rifles and starter pistols. Just lately, as she is getting older, the sound of heavy rain has been added to the list, probably because it often means thunder.

Yesterday was not a good day for our little girl. The day started thundery, and we had thunder and lightening all day. I love a good storm, but Bonnie retreats to her custom-made den (a dark place behind the sofa) and pants and shakes. If she gets really bad she has some valerian which helps her to cope. Later on the electricity went off, which set the house alarm beeping. Then the electricity came did the alarm! Now, we have never been given any paperwork with this alarm, no number, instructions on re-setting or anything. Dave is frantically pressing buttons, and amazingly did something to turn it off! A bit worrying that someone has paid for an alarm which can be turned off by a burglar. Lovely neighbour was very quick to poke his head over the wall to see what was going on, but they do go out. Anyway, this sent poor Bonnie back in to hiding. And there are now some lights on the panel which weren't there before.
Bella, on the other hand is quickly getting used to the new sights and sounds, and they are keeping her busy. Although she worried initially at the storm, it was probably more because Bonnie was worried. She sat outside with us watching the lightening, only cowering under Dave's chair when it was very bad, but coming out again very soon. It's good to see her reliance on Bonnie lessening, she is getting bolder and is even telling the neighbours off for being in our garden. There is a fence between them but neighbours do not like dogs and find her little wuffs worrying.
One good thing about the weather is that it gave us the time to be indoors unpacking. Of course, we don't have enough space and storage cupboards are sparse, so the cellar is slowly being filled with non-essentials. Once the building work has been done this should resolve itself.
When i got up this morning just after 5, Bonnie was looking miserable and didn't come down with Bella and I. She had been down when the clock alarm went off at midnight...grrr (that alarm is ok, it means breakfast!) so I didn't think anything of it. But on opening the door the alarm on the incubator was going to say humidity was too low! Poor Bonnie. I didn't know where the water was supposed to go, but just poured some in and the alarm went off. A game of ball and breakfast and we have our girl back to normal.
Most of the time the girls are really loving their new life. Bonnie now has her favourite spots for sunning and cooling, and Bella is always active, so much so that we have had to pin the fence down to stop her getting underneath.

The patch we have decided will be an extension to our chicken run has had a haircut ready for their arrival. The vines are incredibly thick with very fibrous roots.

 We have been given some as a housewarming present, but the chap lives a couple of hours away, and though he was coming up this way to see someone, that has now been delayed so a trip to pick them up is on the cards. He has a Rhodesian Ridgeback which I am looking forward to meeting. She is called Bella which might be confusing if we take the girls!
We took the girls for a drive today. The countryside really is very beautiful. When we said we were moving into a village in the more agricultural area people wanted to know why, when the mountains so close, would you want to live on the flat? There are a few reasons for this. Anyone who knows me knows I can be a bit anti-social, and I have yearned for a place with no near neighbours, where there is plenty of wildlife to see and gorgeous views. But they also know that my mobility is not great, and being a sensible sort the best option is to be in a village where there is some sort of support, especially when Dave is away, shops and public transport. And a way out of the village in an emergency in winter. On top of that, we want to keep livestock and I don't want all the local carnivores lining up my chooks for their dinners.

But the landscape around here is just lovely, rolling hills, plenty of deciduous woodland, streams and rivers. Like a warm Home Counties, but without traffic and noise, other than the wildlife sounds, and there is plenty of that! Very exotic some of it. Shame it won't stay still for the camera. And the mountains are less than an hour away. Added to that we have animals, loads of birds, reptiles and insects. Today, when Dave was cutting weeds down there was a mass exodus of crickets and other bugs. They must taste awful as Bella left them alone.
 Dave also saw his first snake today, it came out of the garden wall, then shot in again. He doesn't like snakes. Then of course there are the lovely rats  in the roof. <<<<shudder>>>> And storks on the telegraph poles.
We met our Russian neighbours today, with their baby. Again, anyone who knows me knows I don't do children. But that one is seriously cute and only a couple of months old. It met a dog for the first time today, both Bonnie and Bella were introduced. and very interesting they found it.
We were pottering in the garden after lunch when neighbour and daughter came over to invite us for coffee. So off we toddled, when we got there the table was laid and six of us sat down to home made pizza, with one slice meatless especially for me. We couldn't say we had already eaten, so stuffed ourselves yet again. We had an hilarious time with the phrase book, ending with an invitation to the daughter's place in town. What generous people they are. And it didn't stop there. At 7.30 she came across with two bowls of lovely rice pudding. I was hoping to lose weight once I was away from the supermarket!

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