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Thursday, 20 June 2013

How embarrassing.......  10-6-2013
Saturday night was another night of music in the square, including some British rock. There were fireworks at 10.30, which came and went, unlike with GB where they splutter on for hours. There was hardly a murmer from the dogs, which was amazing, though Bonnie did try to hide behind the bedside cabinet.
Sunday started with us rummaging through our remaining boxes to see what was left. We have had to leave about fifteen unpacked as we have nowhere to put stuff yet. And yes, we did bring too much with us, but hopefully it will come in useful one way or another. We didn't find an electric sharpener which Dave wanted for his sickle though. There may be a box missing but there were too many to check when they arrived. Generally we are very pleased with the people who moved the stuff, there were only a couple of  minor breakages, probably more due to poor packing.
After a quick sandwich and shower we went off to lovely neighbour thinking we were going to the festival, only to find there were ten of us sitting down to Sunday dinner......oh why did we have a sandwich? We thought we would manage as when a plate of salad was brought out it was explained that the soup had meat in and she was very sorry. Fine by me, salad was plenty. So Dave's soup came out then a huge pile of mushroom rice, veg stew and two fried eggs landed in front of me. I was highly embarrassed that I couldn't eat it all, I was starting to feel sick, and I hope they were not offended. Dave was happy with his soup, more of a broth, only for his dish to be replaced with a huge pile of what I had but with a mountain of lamb perched on top! Eating in a Bulgarian house (or restaurant) is a bit strange to us Brits. In restaurants, except the high end ones, no matter what you order it comes out when it is ready.  So if you order extras such as chips or veg, or a starter and main, it will come out when ready and be cold if you wait for the rest of the meal. At the neighbour's house, everything is ready when you sit down, but it comes to you as you finish the first plate. So as we do not speak Bulgarian and the other eight people were having a debate, we finished first, so got our other food first too. It is never very hot. Some had course two an hour after sitting down to salad, it was a constant thing for Venka jumping up and down as people were ready, others leaving and coming back, the two ladies (daughter and someone we were not introduced to) got changed and went off shopping. And still Dave was struggling with his mountain of food. We were wondering when we were going to the festival, Venka was still in her every day clothes which was unusual as she always changes to go out, even if just to the shop. Then we had coffee and cake, the ladies returned and we sat outside till the weather turned and started with thunder and we had to go home for the dogs.
Dave went off to investigate (and walk off some of his excesses, including more home made rakia than was wise) to find the festival had wound up and gone! In all the phrase book Bulgarian and sign language, we had the day wrong and missed the whole thing! We had been looking forward to making some contacts at this day since before we left the UK, when our research told us it was on the 10th, then we thought we were told the 9th, but it was on the 8th. Bother!!
While he was out Dave came across a couple he had met once before so came and got me so we could at least have a chat. It was interesting, sitting in a bar talking about the village. It seems there are quite a few Brits living here, more than we thought. We also found out that the best and most friendly are our left hand neighbours who are away at the moment, and (as if we didn't know) we live next door to the best Bulgarian family. How lucky are we? We have also got someone coming to look at our alarm and sort out an internet provider, and has told us where to get our wood for winter warmth. So the day was saved, and I drank a bottle of beer and rather enjoyed it.
So then it was time for bed, I went off while Dave logged on to see if there were any messages or emails, but came up half an hour later having only managed to log on to the dongle and could get no further. Roll on the internet!

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