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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Something is eating my veggies!

Went out to do a bit of hoeing (Venka disapproves of our Dutch hoe, not Bulgarian!) to find most of my carrots have disappeared. They were only seedlings, but starting to feather up, so I'm fed up about that. I will sow some more and hope it is not too late/hot for them to grow. Something has also eaten half my beans, which I have also re-sown and they have come up. If they do it again I will give up for this year. At the moment we have enough plants to be able to supply us and the freezer if they survive.

The chickens are really growing and looking like adults now. Cagney and Lacey have gone red in the face as if they might be thinking of laying. It's about time they started to earn their food.
The cucumber pickle/chutney might taste dreadful, but the courgette and ginger jam is lovely. Mum would have approved the gingeriness. If I get the chance I will make more. It seems the last three cucumbers were given to us by another neighbour from across the road. It seems everyone has too many.
We went to the market with Venka and Jordan yesterday. It was bigger than ever and a really social occasion, especially for Jordan, he talks more than a woman! We think they wanted to come with us to show us the market, not realising we had already been a couple of times. They didn't buy anything except a lotto ticket (and one for us) and we didn't want to disappoint them by saying we had already been. We bought some jam jars and a gas stove so that I can boil stuff outside in the hot weather, instead of heating up the house. All we need to do is find where we can get a fill of gas. They tried to explain but gave up! Venka kept an eagle eye on the stall holders to make sure we were not charged English rates, and had words if they tried. Coffee was fun as Venka's friend, Maria was already at the cafe. We were bothered by Gypsies selling needles, but Maria told them........

The last two evenings have been a bit cooler, thank goodness. We even had the windows shut last night (though I wished later we hadn't) so we weren't woken at 11.30 when the neighbouhood seem to gather out on the lane for a chinwag before retiring. They will not be shut tonight, woke up stuffy and hot.

Dave is picking the little plums we all have in the garden and are growing along the side of the road everywhere. Jordan uses them for rakia, but I am going to make some for jam and freeze some for later. They look like cherry tomatoes and are the same size as the large cherries.

We really must get on with painting the window frames while it is cooler. They have not been done for six years and the paint out here is more like distemper. We bought some Weathershield and undercoat out with us as we were forewarned. But sanding the old stuff off is not easy. On the one hand it is falling off and on the other, bits stick like cement. I love the old windows though, which are two sets with a four inch gap between, and think it's a shame when people rip them out to put plastic double glazing in. The inner set of windows are in better condition and can wait a year or two longer.

With the help of other ex-pats we have found an on-line pet food supplier who will deliver good quality food. The girls have been trying a few available here, but are not impressed. The heat doesn't help, but they will still eat their old food so it's not affecting them that much. Most things are cheaper here, but quality dog food is as expensive as in the UK. Unfortunately the food they were on before we came out was made locally of good human grade ingredients and is not available here. It was extremely reasonable too so the bill for this lot was a bit of a shock. It is almost worth getting a pallet sent there's an idea.

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