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Monday, 24 June 2013

Yellow, yellow everywhere

And no, it's not rape. That is done and harvested. This is much prettier. The region is known, among other things, for it's huge swathes of sunflowers, and they are all coming in to flower now. We have all seen pictures of them in France and such, but to see them in reality is something else. And they are so quick to grow. We have only been here a month and they were seedlings when we arrived. So here are a couple more pics to add to the many on the internet.

After another storm (which Bonnie coped with quite well this time) we thought it would be a bit fresher by morning, but the heat continues. We had to go into the main town to get a cable for the computer and at the same time we got a paddling pool to cool us off on a hot day. If you buy one in the UK you can almost guarantee it will be hardly used, but I think we can safely say we will get our money's worth here. And it is such a shame not to use the area Dave has worked so hard to clear. We can't leave it empty just in case we have visitors now can we? It may never happen after all. And to see Dave's face as he submerged himself in cold well water, well, that was priceless. Keeping the dogs out might be a problem, but we will worry about that if it happens.

We will not be using chemicals as we have no drains here so it would have to be emptied on the garden, but we can do regular changes from the well as we can use the used water on the garden, and it has a filter pump. We will be planting flowers around the pool and a climbing something on the wall between us and the people behind, as his head has been appearing over the wall to see what is going on. So now we have a 'house with pool'.

We now have telly! The cable we went into town for was to connect the laptop to the telly so we can catch up on favourite programmes on that site where people post their home videos. Not that TV is going to be allowed to rule our lives, but while it is so hot in the afternoons it gives the fidget, Dave, a reason to come in out of the sun for a while. We also bought a router so we can both have our laptops going and will not have to fight over his. Unfortunately we are not up to speed with technology so will probably have to call on an ex-pat to help. They are a very helpful lot here in the village.

Today I must find a way of pickling some of the cucumbers Venka keeps bringing over. There were another three yesterday and a person can only eat so much tzatziki! All the strong, fresh garlic I am using doesn't seem to keep the flies away though. And talking of flies, I love to watch the fireflies when they come out in the evening, but this morning one was under the washing machine flashing away. At five in the morning I am not always at my best and couldn't understand why there was a standby light on under the washer....


Venka, bless her heart, came over with some eggy cheese on toast while Dave was strimming, trying to get the weeds back under control. I'm sure she must think I don't feed him! While she was there she picked me some courgettes. I haven't had any for a while, so that's lunch sorted. But of course there are too many, so I will try making some courgette and ginger jam, one of my late Mum's favourites. I had just finished preparing all the cucumbers for a pickle/chutney recipe I found on the web when there was a yell from Dave, and he came in bearing another three large cues! Oh dear, tzatziki it is then. Good job we found a stack of jars in one of the outhouses. Looks as if the cellar will be put to good use after being empty for nearly a decade.

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