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Friday, 26 July 2013

All sorted

We are now fully registered as residents and have our photo ID cards, a painless procedure in itself, but stressful having to negotiate Veliko Tarnovo on a busy Friday to fetch them and also go to the DIY store, equivelent to B&Q. We got paint to re-do the bedrooms which leaked in the storms. On the way home we took a detour to see the garage chap to see about getting the car registered before the insurance ran out at the end of the month. Unlike in the UK where you have to make appointments well in advance for a thing like this, which entails local MOT and many forms to fill in, never mind new number plates. I was taken home and Dave went back to the garage, then back to the same place we went to in VT then home. Four hours in all, in awful heat, but a great job done. Hopefully we will be able to avoid VT for a few months now, most ordinary stuff can be sorted out locally....when we find out where!

Apart from that, things are carrying on as usual, tomatoes, veg and more tomatoes. The other day Dave went out of the gate and accosted by the other neighbours behind us. He was given a tour of their garden, and says it has a beautiful area besides the immaculate produce garden. He came out with five cucumbers and a carrier of lovely tomatoes!!!!!! Dave tried showing them the tomatoes in the garden, to no avail. The tomatoes they gave us weighed between 1 lb 3oz and 1 lb 8 oz, and like all the garden, were immaculate.
Other things are coming through now, including the biggest, softest, sweetest figs I have ever had, and lovely sweet corn cobs. As well as these, my French beans are giving decent sized beans now, and the runners are not far behind. No doubt we will soon be fed up of them too. Ungrateful bunch.

We saw a couple of birds of prey sitting in a field when out and about. We couldn't stop to take photos as we were on a small road with a white van stuck to our behind. We got some on the way back, but they had both moved away so were too far off for my camera. But the photos were good enough to be able to see that they were different, and big. Can't find a match, but will keep an eye out for better photos for ID, and take Dave's camera. One, at least, looks like some kind of eagle, maybe both. e saw eagles over the road on the way into VT too, they were enormous, but we couldn't stop.

Well, off to bed for me, though the temperature is still in the high twenties, so little sleep tonight.

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