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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The first of our own harvest

I am feeling extremely ungrateful for the huge mountain of veg which was ready planted, and very guilty for that. But also, after having to replant beans so often in the last couple of months, rediculously happy at a quarter handful of fine green beans and peas of our own. Every juicy, tender pea was savoured and the beans too. The peas may be the last we have as they started flowering at a couple of inches high and stopped growing. We have planted more but next year we will have a totally different strategy. They will be planted in pots and grown on to a good size before planting out, as most stuff is out here. The beans look as if they will be successful though, and no doubt, as is my nature, I will soon be moaning about too many beans and hankering for something else! Never satisfied, me!

We had so much stuff to prepare the other day that I had to get Dave off his ground clearing to help with the preparation of veg. Another couple of buckets of tomatoes, aubergines and peppers were processed into bottles of solid packed tomatoes, passata and lutinitza, a delicious sauce made from all these veg plus onion and garlic. Yummy! Next time I make it I will freeze some in small lots for pizza sauce. There were also yet more courgettes and Okra. The okra went straight into the freezer for another day, the courgettes are languishing in the fridge.......
We made good use of the gas ring, which we put next to the outside sink where it could bubble and splash away without re-plastering the walls of the kitchen in tomatoes. I would like to say it kept the heat down in the kitchen, but I had the oven on and two rings, so it was boiling.
 Of course, as the oven was already on I might as well make a cake.........................lemon drizzle.

I came across a beautiful spider while picking tomatoes. This is apparently a wasp spider, I wonder why? It makes the most strange re-inforcing zig zag extra webbing. I know what I mean!

Dave has also had a couple of encounters. One with a stag beetle, which was huge and ready to take on all comers, and the other was a wasp nest he came across when clearing a gutter. Amazing things, wasp nests, and this one will be left to grow as it is not somewhere it will bother us.

I had some 'proper' milk from the shop the other day. Unless you know where to get fresh milk, there is only UHT available in the shops. But they had run out and when Dave asked, he got a litre of fresh milk from under the a beer bottle! For the equivelant of 44p. We are going to have to make enquiries as it was so nice. I even had cereal for breakfast. When we first arrived lovely neighbours' grandson told us that she could get us fresh milk from her friend, but at the time we left it as we were already a bit overwhelmed with things. Something we will persue next time we see him.
We have a builder coming to see the house at the weekend, to see if we can work out a way of putting in internal stairs ready for winter. We went to see some other projects he has worked on recently and our's will be a doddle compared to them. A lot of the Bulgarian houses have very small rooms and you seem to need to go up or down steps to get into each room...and duck if you are anywhere near six feet tall. Much as I like character in a house, as I get older these things are more difficult, though I suppose if you live with them long enough you get used to it. It was lovely to chat to some new people though. The people who were going to come and visit on Sunday cried off at the last minute for the second time, ah well, their loss, dogs' gain, they love chicken, especially roasted. Dave reckons the chicken tastes a lot nicer here, which is amazing as he doesn't normally comment on food, though he is very keen on the lutinitza he helped to make.

This is a lovely flower, an okra flower. Beautiful.


  1. No one seems to comment on your blog, so just to let you know I do look at it regularly with interest to see what you are up to, so keep it going. Milk in a beer bottle, love it lol

  2. I comment on it Graham and am really impressed with the work that both Sara and David are doing, I love reading about all the bottling etc of the veggies, Betty would be so proud. x