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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The new chooks are settling well. Dave put them all together to see what would happen. Initially the rooster wouldn't venture out into the big wide world, but encouraged by Venus he soon got brave. The first day was spent finding their feet, but by yesterday Sevi decided it was time to put my girls in their place and gave them the runaround. I'm not sure Cagney is too happy, she has been well and truly told she has been demoted from boss to follower! We will see how things go, but I am still worried about my girls ending up as scrappy looking as the new ones. There were two small eggs offered up yesterday, one white and one slightly tinted. The Shumens are white egg layers so there is a possibility that the other is from one of my girls, maybe Venus as her comb has suddenly turned bright red and she is flirting shamelessly with Sevi. They were both very small, we will have to see. A lot of the eggs in the shops here are tinted rather than brown.
 Jordan came over to see the new chooks and seems very impressed. I have to say I am a bit miffed that he seems so enthusiastic at the scruffy lot, when my girls are so beautiful. But that's men for you. I have to say, though, front on Sevi is pretty gorgeous!
The bottling continues. I am going to have to stop with the tomatoes and lutinitza. We have enough to last a few years after yesterday's lot. If that means that the tomatoes will be ploughed back into the ground then so be it. Yesterday I did eleven jars of lutiniza and six jars and two freezer boxes of tomato and pepper sauce. Then Venka handed me more courgettes and cucumbers! The chickens will be helping with them. We have had to show Venka a picture of the full shelves in the cellar to show we have enough. She seemed surprised and rather impressed.

We have wireless at last. So now have three computers we can use and don't have to fight over one. We have had the router for months but couldn't get it to work, so one of our new friends came round to help.

Had to rescue a tiny ladybird from the pool yesterday. Who would have thought you could fit so many spots onto such a tiny thing?


  1. I've just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. I should be in the kitchen baking but this is like a good book, I cannot put it down!

    1. How very kind of you to say so Noreen. I have to admit I have discovered something I like doing in writing this blog, though I am struggling a bit at the moment as there are only so many times you can mention snow. ice and sitting in front of the fire! The thaw has set in now so hopefully by the time you reach the boring winter bits we should have more interesting things to share.