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Sunday, 7 July 2013

When it rains.... really rains!

Our visitors cried off at the last minute, which was a bit disappointing after the trouble we had gone to with food that they like. Never mind. Things to do.

Our English neighbours had their winter wood delivered  so we went round so Dave could help stack it, and I could have a girly natter. Their house is fully renovated and lovely. It was done before they moved in, very sensible. The garden has been done for low maintainance just outside the house, and the rest of the plot is used as yet another overspill for our lovely Bulgarian neighbours. They were telling Dave the night before that they had come out, as a lot of ex-pats do, intending to be as self sufficient as possible. But along with fighting the pests, they found that it is so cheap to buy veg that they didn't feel it was worth the effort, never mind the fact that all the neighbours are always keen to give away surplus fruit and veg.. I suppose it is unless one of your favourite things is gardening. Although I am struggling with something eating my plants (the English ones, not the Bulgarian) which I suspect might be ants, I will persevere for the sake of variety. The trouble with being a non meat eater is that food can be very boring without variety in your veg.

After the men had finished putting away the first delivery of wood, we sat outside under theit walnut trees chatting until the rumbles of thunder got louder and it started spitting. The other couple went home and we went back in to wait for the rest of the wood. It rained, thundered and lighteninged (is that a word?) and rained! The sandbags came out, the lights went out, it rained some more. I have never seen rain like the stuff we get here. Not having drains doesn't help as the water has nowhere to go. After a time it didn't let up and the wood delivery was cancelled. There was a slight lull in the rain so we decided, despite the neighbour telling us the road was a river, to make our way home. After all, we won't melt! It may not be far, but my it was wet! The road was indeed a river, and the amount of water coming off the roofs made a street long waterfall. What a giggle...pass me the shower gel someone!
Bonnie is coping with the storms much better now. She goes off to her den and pants, but not the distressed panting that upset me so much earlier. She will also come out and see us and go for a wee, even chase her ball, while thunder is rumbling. She recovers much quicker afterwards too. Such a relief.
Now we stand back and watch the weeds grow!

We have a huge bowl of tomatoes and cucumbers to do something with, and another half dozen courgettes, so busy at the cooker again today.

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