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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Eggs and solar power....

We waited so long for eggs, and now, of course, with seven laying hens, we have too many! Not that I'm complaining, there is so much  you can do with an egg, and any surplus can be frozen for use in winter when the chooks stop laying. We have had a couple of soft shelled eggs now, which is mildly worrying, but I am still hoping that it is teething problems. We have also had a couple with holes in, and the shell is thin, but again, hopefully this will resolve itself. I worry as one of the chickens I had in the UK had similar problems, which caused a lot of worry as she was not well for a while, and she eventually stopped laying all together. I must say it was a relief that she didn't lay, at least it meant she wasn't struggling, and was, after that, a happy and healthy girl. Her name was Clara, a black rock, who was a scrawnier version of our own Venus. The larger egg laid earlier turned out to be a double yolker, which was duly used to make creme caramel. And very nice they were too. Well, I had to make something that the Bulgarians make, and although Dave suggested the other two should be given to the lovely neighbours, I thought that they would not be up to their standard and we had better try them again ourselves...just in case! Oh the greed, I'll never lose weight this way!

All the chickens are now happily sleeping in one shed now. I say happily, there is sometimes squabbling which is chickens for you. There are two perches and if they don't get on there is plenty of space. But considering there are eight in one space they do OK. Sevi is still besotted by the big girls.
But sometimes they just want a bit of peace. It won't be long before we see them in the garden. I will have to point them in the direction of toms and peppers!
Talking of toms and peppers, Dave has taken pity on me and decided to dry some. He has made a solar drier from the box top which came with the freezer, covered it in foil, and draped it with a mosquito net which climbed Kilimanjaro. And it worked very well. He did a bucket of peppers, deseeded and sliced them himself, and has a large Kilner jar full of crispy peppers. He has now started on the tomatoes, putting the drier next to the white wall to get more reflected light.

I have read recently that I should not be eating any of the nightshade family as they are all bad for arthritis. This could be a problem as the family includes tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and potatoes! Added to that I should cut down on calcium so no dairy, leafy greens, eggs and fish (I can feel the bones brittling as I write!) no wheat, red meat....the list goes on.I think I will put up with painful knees rather than starve to death, though that would be good as I need to lose more weight!

Today Dave had a nice simple job to do, just right for a Sunday. I have mentioned the windows before, how there are two sets with six or so inches between. In the gap the former owners fitted roller blinds, but in the last six year, with the sun, they have rotted and any rough handling makes them tear. So as they are torn they are being replaced by curtains. The one in the bedroom gets the most sun and has now given up, so we bought a pole, they are cheap here, about £6. He started drilling a hole....and promptly went through an electric wire leading to the fan plug. The wire was about two feet from the line of the plug socket, there was no way of knowing it was there. So off he went into the loft space, through the little window he fixed the other day, to see where it came out. But we will have to find an electrician. He did find two huge glass jars, about two gallons, which he has brought down and is very excited about. Not sure why. And a smaller one which is very light in weight.

Till next time.........


  1. Maybe the large glass jars are for brewing alcohol, who'd of thunk it, brewing your own all the way out there in BG lol

    1. You're probably right. We have thought about brewing something or other, but as we are not drinkers it seems a bit pointless. We get plied with rakia at every opportunity, that ia enough!

  2. Hi,

    Eggs fresh from the hen should last for months so long as you don't wash them. If you do wash them you could coat your eggs in mineral oil and they would last for months in a cool dry place. Why not give it a try as an experiment - you probably have enough?

    1. Something to think about later. At the moment it's hard to remember what cool is! But we have a good cellar, which is dry and seems pest free, so will experiment with unwashed eggs later on. There are so many things I want to try!

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