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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Just a quick note... say that the young chickens are now laying! It seems to have taken an age for them to grow up, but now they are big and beautiful, in very good condition, and earning their keep! Both Cagney and Venus laid their first eggs yesterday. They were both acting confused during the morning, Cagney pacing the fence as if trying to get out (she can fly, she forgot) and eventually settling in a box in the Shumen shed, and Venus flying onto the top of the gate looking for something. But Dave saw her and ushered her back in and she laid in the nest box in her own shed like a good girl. We are delighted, and have let the chap who gave us the hens know, he was getting worried as all their sisters are in lay.

Can't really tell here, but the second egg (Venus) is quite dark so we will know it is her's.

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