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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Spring in the village.....

Nooo, not that sort of spring, we missed that this year. It seems most rural villages have a spring where you can fill water bottles. These can be just a small 'tap' affair set in a stone surround. When Dave drove down to our's the other day I was amazed. He goes down to fill water bottles to boil for coffee....not because we are tight,  but because to buy water all the time leaves us with a problem of what to do with all the empty bottles, being no re-cycling in the area. But this was the first time I had been as he wanted to show me a tree there. It is a really useful place, though not necessarily used as it was. But locals go down there to wash things like rugs and hang them there to dry in the sun, knowing they will still be there next day. There are a series of 'sinks' and a couple of larger troughs, all with their own water source.

The tree Dave wanted to show me is amazing too. I am fascinated with the trees out here, and wish I knew what they are. I know some, but many, like this, are difficult to find even on the internet. Why do I like trees? No idea, but I have always liked trees and water together.
A nice shape
With fruits like physalis, but with three seeds inside instead of one.

Absolutely dripping with them.

As we continued on our travels we stopped to take a picture or two of the flowering trees mentioned earlier. Strange that they flower in the middle of summer. The noise of the thousands of bees in attendence was deafening.

We went down to the river early this morning to see if we could capture any mammals on film, but just our luck, there were lorries and vans parked overnight and revving up to leave, and lots of people fishing. It's a long way off and a shame we didn't get anywhere with the mammals, but Dave got some great pics of kingfishers.

 And some sort of flycatcher
But of course I couldn't keep him out of the water!

I managed to take a series of blurred photos, need to check the settings on my camera. They are far too complicated these days, the manual would give War and Peace a run for it's money. But I did get a couple more trees with seed pods, but not the dramatic ones I have seen on the side of the main roads.

And the flowers were great of course, sorry to be boring, I just love nature!

We our peaches, all four of them, small but perfectly formed! We are going to try to get the tree which was cut down by the previous owner going. It might not work but who knows, it's got a great root system already in place.

The chickens are well integrated now, and after the morning chase around (the two groups go to bed in their own sheds....not very sociable) and another in the evening, they all rub along well. We are having to hand turn the eggs in the incubator as the auto turn thingy is not working. One of the problems with bringing electrical goods out here is that the guarantee is useless. Dave has bought wood in preparation for building a 'nursery' for any chicks that hatch, which will go in where the Shumen go to bed at the moment, as there is electricity in there for a lamp. The Shumen will probably be going to bed with my girls by then, if not they will have to share space with the babies as the shed is vermin proof.

The peppers are ripening at a pace now. I am just going to freeze them as they are tricky to bottle. I have some tomatoes drying in the sun. I was going to try to ignore them, but have such trouble doing that, and no doubt Venka would bring them over anyway!. There is okra to pick as well, maybe she will have them.... The aubergines need picking too, oh dear.... Only the squash and pumpkins to go after them. Our interpreter tells us they are eaten sweet, not roasted or souped as we would do.

Dave is building me some shelves in the kitchen as I am moaning that two small cupboards and the floor is not enough room to keep food and stuff in. They are chunky and rustic and just the job, and by keeping them large we will be able to use the timber again if we ever decide to do something with the kitchen once the extension is done and the fires in.

Off for a dunk in the pool and then low fat delicious lemon cake. Now..where did I find the recipe, it's lovely.

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  1. Looks as if the camera didn't quite focus on the Kingfisher. Done it myself trying to be to quick in getting the shot off.