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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Is Autumn coming?

Well, the bottles found in the attic have scrubbed up really well. We are assuming they are demijohns, they are about three gallons in old money. In the UK we would maybe plant small tropical plants in there. We will no doubt find some use for them eventually.
Dave continued with his sun-dried peppers and tomatoes. The tomatoes were bottled in oil with garlic. A sample of both were proudly taken next door to the neighbours. I'm sure they don't want or need them, but hey.
Unfortunately it prompted a new delivery of lutinitza and a large bottle of mixed veg, and next morning a pile of fried rolls and another bottle of something which was made with apricots, as I had a lond explaination as Venka waved at our huge apricot tree. We will probably never know as we can't get the lid off!

The chickens are doing ok. We are still getting the odd softy, but the other day there was a lovely collection of seven eggs from seven hens.
Someone is trying to lay on the perch, but we don't know who as they are all seen regularly in the nest boxes. Whoever it is laid a double yolk soft one yesterday. They all seem well at the moment, but I do worry as we had one who had problems in the UK and she was quite ill a couple of times, it was a relief to us when she decided on a life of leisure rather than as a layer.

They had spaghetti as well yesterday, for the first time. They were totally underwhelmed. We have been led to believe that chickens get excited over spaghetti as it looks like worms, but of course we hadn't tested the theory in the UK as feeding kitchen scraps is banned by DEFRA. Either worms are not common (no surprise at this time of the year) or they would rather have sauce on it. They ate it eventually.
I have touched on the trees and the wonderful seed pods making them look amazing, and now the rowan berries are all colouring up. It is hard to think that Autumn is just around the corner when it is still so hot. But the trees are definitely fading, looking tired. But more crazy is the gathering of the swallows this morning. I heard a heck of a din while I was making bread and went out to find the neigbour's apricot tree full of twittering swallows. I've never known swallows to gather in trees, have only noticed them on wires. As with all villages, we have a plentiful supply of wires for them to gather on, and we had a small amount on some, but I live and learn.
Everywhere is quiet now, except for the red-backed shrike which has been scolding the world for the last few days.

Dave is definitely getting better at not throwing anything away, unlike in the past. All things just might have a new life, including the skeleton of a parasol which only lasted a few weeks. I came across a little stash of off cuts of wood in the cellar. Very tidy.


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  2. I'll make sure to leave the chopper next to the wood so next time you are down there you can chop the wood for kindling wood.

  3. Be careful as soft shelled or rough eggs can be a sign of AIB, I notice you did not isolate your new birds when you brought them home which really you should with all birds. Stress can bring in all sorts of things in hens.