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Monday, 9 September 2013

R.I.P. Bunty

As the title really.

We had Bunty in a cage to minimise any contagion, and she was in the bedroom overnight as both vermin proof sheds are in use. She was on antibiotics (they all were) and the rattling in her chest was easing. We were hopeful she was over the worst, she hadn't lost weight, was very clean with a good fluffy bum and upright tail, good colour, no discharge, chatty. She laid an egg in the early hours, ate her breakfast with gusto, scattered shavings all over the room and the last time I checked was sitting chunnering and complaining about the house keeping (room still full of junk!) Dave went off for more antibiotics and while he was sitting in the garden on the computer trying to translate the instructions, I heard flapping, dashed off to investigate and poor Bunty was on her back gasping her last. I turned her over and stroked her while she went. Poor Bunty, we were so hoping she would pull through.

So, we are not having much luck with the chickens, what with the chicks too. I am just hoping the others are OK. And yes, I know she was just a chicken, and if you keep them they will one day die on you, but apart from one small incident in the UK with one of my chickens there, this is the first time we have seen illness, and I find it hard to believe she was looking so well this morning. So young.

Onwards and upwards. Touch wood everyone else seem OK. Dave will soon have to make a small run for the chicks as they will soon want to be running about in the sun. It will have to have a good top on it though, not just to keep cats out, but because their wings are so well developed. One has a couple of white feathers which we are told will moult out. Other than that, it looks as if two are blue, so have to be Sevi's.

Bella is still besotted.
The grapes are ripening fast, not that we have any mind, but Venka came across with half a dozen bunches earlier, black, tasty, sweet and very juicy! Will have to do some investigation into what I can do with them.
Dave has put the last of the poles for grapes this morning. Once he has finished stomping on the border he has weeded and dug for next year's flowers I am going to sow some salad and things, such a shame to see it lying fallow, and I can get to the bed in the poor weather as there is a path. He can have it back in spring. The rhubarb I have grown for the chap who donated the chooks is also in there and doing well. I dug up the ones in the 'ant' veg bed and pit those there, but half have died. Still, if what's left get through winter there will be plenty.

Jordan has sprayed my cabbage patch and tells us we can't eat from there for a month! We will not be spraying next year when we take control, but things will not be planted so closely so hopefully we will be able to see when we need to pick off pests.

Other than that..all is quiet.

I would like to thank Ky again for her support, we are lucky to know someone so experienced with chickens (and dogs) who is generous with her time and knowledge.

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