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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Our first Bulgarian snow!

Well, winter has arrived! Yesterday it started with sleety rain and soon progressed into full blown snow! It’s hard to believe Dave had been up in the pear tree cutting out old branches and getting too hot two days before.

 The girls were mightily excited and Bella had to run and run and frolic (resulting in a sore leg!). Bonnie tried her best and had a good chase around, but she is getting on a bit so doesn’t have the stamina of Bella any more, though she still insisted on trying to catch the snow Dave was clearing from the path!

Everywhere is beautiful. The chickens are not best pleased, but they are lucky to have several options for shelter and even a dry place for a good old scratch about, in the outhouse which I had earmarked for a utility room, but which now seems an unnecessary expense. The floor is sandy with several ant activity sites to keep them occupied. Teenage boy is not overly impressed!

The village roads are not too bad. Though they get little used so that there is no real traffic to clear them, neither does the snow get compacted into sheet ice. The main road, about half a mile away, is kept clear and traffic is hurtling down there the same as always.

Dave had a disappointing day yesterday. He went off in a snow storm to pick up the new work surface and some more timber to find they had not had time to do it due to an emergency. Not what he wanted to hear after going out so far in bad weather. The snow didn’t stop him calling in at the river for a dip though. Madness! While he was out he stocked up with chicken food and some bins to keep it in so that we have plenty if we don’t want to venture out.

The builders are still here, but hopefully not for much longer, though they will have to come back to finish the concreting around the footings and some painting. The boss sent Dave to town for some electrical bits and bobs so he can sort out the kitchen lighting which needs wires replacing as it has been gnawed on by rodents. So another trip out in the snow. They are talking about finishing tomorrow for a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed. We are looking forward to having a good clean and getting into some sort of winter routine. And my freezer baskets are looking empty of bread and cake.
And we can tidy the yard. They are a very untidy bunch!!!!!
The fires are both doing their job well. We have to let the kitchen one, which we light as the builders leave, go out fairly early as it gets too hot in there and up the new stairs, and the one upstairs has been lit in the mornings and allowed to go out, just to get over the early morning chill. It is so easy to light and quick to heat that there is no need to keep it in, especially as we were still having lovely sunny days. The dogs are well over the worry over crackling logs and the banging as the fires cool, they are loving the heat.

Dave has been working at recycling the hardcore from the building works. He has already used a fair bit in creating the path to the compost heaps, but has now started to break up the rest ready to use elsewhere. Some of it will be going at the bottom of the chain link fencing where some animal is pushing it’s way under. We don’t know what it is, but it sends the girls into a frenzy of sniffing when it has been in. Possibly a badger or large hedgehog, though they should be hibernating by now.. Maybe we will find out when we have fresh snow if we can get into the garden before the dogs churn it up.

Dave is cracking on with paintings. He has finished the stork and is now tackling a portrait of our beautiful horse, Murphy, who we had to leave back in the UK. We miss him so much so it has been quite emotional for Dave. Also we are looking into internet sites where he may be able to sell some, and maybe hand made cards too.

My early Christmas present, a portrait of our lad Murphy.

And finally, our poor little Welsh dragon, not looking too happy....


  1. Have you practiced with the dampers on the fires to keep them burning all night yet? It takes a bit of a knack - if it's closed too much the fire dies and if it's open too much the fire burns quickly. I would practice now before the cold wakes you in the middle of the night!

    1. Not yet. At the moment we are too warm at night and let it go out at 8ish. It's amazing how quickly the house warms up though the builders have the door open all day. But one of us always gets up to let the dogs out in the night (don't know where that habit came from, they don't need to) so not really a problem. Once we have our house to ourselves we can play with the fires and learn what is best for us.

  2. As long as you keep the snow all to yourselves ;-)

    1. But Teddy would love it! Spoilsport!

  3. Hello! I am always happy when meet someone has chosen to live in Bulgaria instead in crowd Western Europe. I hope that my country is good to you! Have fun and keep blogging.

    1. Hello Adriana. Thank you for your comment. We absolutely love Bulgaria and have been made very welcome by our lovely neighbours.