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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas is on the way

The kitchen units are done as far as the wood lasted, just a panel, door and base to go on the end one. I must say I am very happy with them. An amazing job from Dave who, as mentioned before, is no carpenter! Of course, I can't find anything now! And a new arrangement needs to be thought up for the pans. But it will sort itself out. It's lovely to have so much work space.

 Instead of handles, the doors have catches salvaged from the windows taken out of the bedroom.

We enjoyed our night out the other day. Our neighbours had really gone to town on the Christmas decorations and everyone had brought food so there was plenty to eat. I took a smoked salmon quiche (yum) and two kinds of cake. There were people dancing and singing and generally entertaining, I laughed so much I cried. Lovely. We have been invited to another neighbour's house on Christmas Eve, so that is something to look forward to.

I think I have mentioned that our lovely neighbours keep animals for meat. The slaughter season is here and yesterday there was the gruesome sight of masses of meat hanging up in the gap between buildings opposite our door (and windows!) The steer had met it's end and there was a mass of activity as people dashed up and down. It wasn't too bad at first, but the slabs of meat kept coming, a gruesome sight for this 30 year vegetarian! The door bell rang and we were invited over for rakia, but at risk of offending the lovely people I declined, it was all a bit much for me. I carried on my baking while Dave went over for a (5 hour) spell of soup and rakia. I love to see him enjoying himself and getting chance to practice his limited Bulgarian. He slept well last night....didn't hear me get up, grab his torch and try to find out what and where the scuttling animal was. I didn't find it...he kept snoring! Today he went round to pick up 5 kilos of very local rump steak which is now languishing in the freezer in small joints, steaks and dice. There is even a pile of trimmings for the dogs, though there was very little fat on it. Meat and tater pie for Dave tomorrow, a nice change from chicken and pork, and the first beef since coming to BG. The house smells of roast beef as the dogs' trimmings cook in the woodburner oven. Next week one of the pigs gets it........

 Bless them, they look anxious as if they thing they will be left out. They weren't!
All too exhausting!

No sign of the builders turning up to finish the tidying up yet. Dave wants to put his Christmas decorations up but there is no point in them getting covered in an inch of builders' dust. The fire is bad enough! We will give them another week and then get in touch.

There is still a bit of snow about. It gets quite warm during the day in the sun, but the nights are freezing hard. We are managing to keep the fire going if Dave lets the dogs out in the night and puts a couple of logs on, so I am not really noticing the cold. But the inner windows are well iced up in the mornings, good job there are two of them.

 We are having lots of roast veggies done in there, makes cooking easy a lot of the time. But I am still not brave enough to do loaves in there, baps work well though.

Luckily the weather is drying the chicken enclosure up a bit so that they are no longer walking around with big balls of mud on their feet. The small chicks are catching up in size to the teenagers now. I got a bit confused when I went to shut the chicks up yesterday, thinking that one of the cockerel chicks was one of the Shumen hens. Felt a bit silly when I tried to shoo it out and realised that both hens were standing outside watching! Two of thw hen chicks will be going to their new home soon. The people having them haven't been to choose which ones they want yet, but they have a choice of colour.

Dave has been recycling again. He wanted to repair his wellies but eventually accepted that he must buy new (couple  of quid at the market) His old ones have now become gardening clogs and electric fence insulators.

The fence is to stop the yellow dog coming in under the fence....yes, it was not anything as exotic as a badger, it was a dog which had been left to fend for itself when it's owner died. It was in the garden when Dave let the dogs out the other day. Bella hid behind Dave, but Bonnie rushed over to say hello. Luckily it was very friendly towards her, but it will be carrying critters so not to be encouraged. On the subject of street dogs, the two puppies who were dumped in the square seem to be doing OK scavenging, though they are hanging around with what Dave thinks is their mother!

We have had a new bird on the apricot tree, a flock of serins have arrived, pretty little yellow birds which have a monotonous song in the summer. Makes a nice change from sparrows and great tits. We never get bored of the woodpecker.

We have managed to get the car into the garage. Hopefully it will stop the battery draining, a constant problem in a country where the law says you must use lights at all times, as well as having to use the heater. We have dragged the ancient machine out and left it on the garden.The neighbours' son-in-law was supposed to move it last week but has been busy opening their well up as the hose from our well has frozen. We were hoping they would take the pump from our well as our hose is tangled with it and we would like to free it, but that hasn't happened yet. Fingers crossed....

And finally, a sunset.

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  1. Baking a cob loaf in a Dutch oven or similar lidded pot might even out the heat, plus add a nice steamy atmosphere for the loaf.

    I use a Dutch oven inside my knackered multifuel stove for one-pot meals, with outer cabbage leaves to take the scorching at the base, but am thinking of getting a Prity like yours next year (I'm in the UK). Is there any means for cleaning the smoke path around the oven?

    Stay warm, and Merry Christmas!