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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Winter is here...

We had just stuffed ourselves with home made crusty garlic bread, garlic (very!) yogurt dip and cheese and pickles the other night when there was a ring on the door bell. Dave went out and found Venka and her meat lady friend who invited us over with the phrase book. You know when you have eaten too much and know you shouldn't have? And we were right, the table was laid for four, with egg and chips BG style. I hope my groan wasn't audible. So it was out with the rakia while Dave translated the card our neighbours had given for the 50th anniversary. We had found a verse on the internet and printed everything in English and Bulgarian. The picture Dave painted was on the wall and Venka asked if he would sign it on the back, till I pointed out that he had signed it on the front! Gales of laughter and reaching for glasses...The salady plate was a pile of cold chips with cold tomato sauce, hard boiled eggs, olives and pickled gherkin, with more rakia of course. Then Dave and the meat lady, who has a few words of English, set to work. She was writing words in both languages and trying very hard to pronounce 'th' and 'w' to more laughter. Venka managed better. She showed me her tomato seedlings already starting to grow their true leaves. I was shocked, but when Dave came home next day with a packet of seeds it gives three planting dates stretching over six months from January. I have done my first now, I don't want to get left behind! More rakia and cakes and we had to go home early as we were both feeling rather uncomfortable, but a lovely evening. Sleep was elusive, I am not good on a full stomach.

Well, the tender seedlings are in the house now. The weather has turned and we made a dash to the supermarket in the rain, mainly for fresh fruit and veg and dog food. We set out early in heavy rain and the car grew fins and swam for twenty five minutes to get to the nearest major supermarket. You could almost hear the water being sucked up by the ground. A quick scoot round for those things we can't get locally and we set off home in sleet, but our village had a covering of snow which has turned into a blanket. It can do it's worst. We have food and warmth, chicken and dog food for a couple of months and the chickens are on warm mash in the afternoon.

Yesterday our British neighbours very kindly took us on a tour of VT, showing us where doctor, clinic, large pet shop and better DIY store than Praktiker are, ending up in the cash and carry where I spent ages looking and ooing and ahing over stuff I would, at one time, have bought just because I can. But the new me only buys what we need now, with the odd non-essential to get me excited. This time it was a kilo of glace cherries and yet another brand of icing sugar to try, a small bag of prawns and some......roll of drums....Lurpak butter!.It was only the spreadable but it is slightly salted, such luxury. Stuck to 250g though, along with essentials like flour and a huge bag of frozen peas. I could have spent a fortune, but restrained myself and  kept it to under £50. We then went for lunch in the town, an Italian restaurant that our friends liked. This is the first time we have been for a meal since moving to BG. As we had been told way back, even if you order everything together it comes out when ready. We had ordered coffee and cokes which came first, two salads and two identical bruschetta, and a side of chips and a garlic bread. My salad arrived, followed by garlic bread, chips, then a wrong salad which was left there while a new one was ordered, what chips and bread hadn't been eaten by then was stone cold. Then the replacement salad, one bruschetta...and twenty minutes later when we had all finished, Dave's bruschetta. In between times as soon as a fork was put down plates were snatched away. Still, it made a nice change.
 The last of my cherries are in this cake, padded out with sultanas. I am happy now I have more.
 Breakfast, toast and Lurpak. Dave likes the unsalted butter we usually have.

The dogs have been enjoying the snow. Bonnie will be a bit creaky tonight with all the running around she has been doing. The birds are stuffing themselves on the feeders.

 Catch me if you can............

 Come back 'ere, that's my ball...............

Bonnie out for the count....Bella wants to play! Kids!

Three of the chicks were supposed to be going to a new home this weekend. We haven't heard from the people who are supposed to be having them, so we have sent a message to let them know they can leave it till the weather clears but have had no response. Luckily there is a waiting list so if they have changed their minds it is not really a problem. We'll see. We will be putting some more to hatch soon, but are also looking for some green or blue eggs to hatch for my layers so we can have mixed colours. Drawing a blank so far so might have to try getting some from elsewhere in Europe.

We have found out that the seeds Venka was planting in next door's garden are peas, so we will be putting some in as soon as the snow clears. We have some starting in pots already but you can never have too many peas! Elsewhere in the garden, Dave has started to construct a proper composting area. While tidying up the existing heaps he came across a resident hibernating hedgehog....very lucky to not be speared on a fork! Cameras out before he was gently returned to his chamber and covered up. A job which will have to wait for warmer weather. I did tell him to keep an eye out for snakes which also like to live snug in compost. He didn't seem too keen!


  1. busy as always I see. Dh doesn't eat cherries but I love them especially of fairy buns.

    1. mmmmmmmmm that soft, juicy pop of a whole cherry in rich cake.........