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Thursday, 27 February 2014

All change in the chicken house

Now that the Scrawnies have settled in, the chickens have been split into two groups. The layers (or misfits) and the breeding Shumens. The Shumens have gone into the new pen so that we don't see much of them, especially as there is still a barrier up so that the two groups can't see each other. I rather miss them but someone had to go there. The split didn't go down well with Sevi. He has lost his best girl, one of the misfits, and she was calling to him too. I felt so mean! Every so often Sevi tries to call all his girls to come to him, but it is getting less frequent.

The misfits, comprising of the scrawnies, Darcy Shumen who dances everywhere so she doesn't lose her balance on her twisted feet. Pearl Shumen who is very pale and pretty, but not correct. Chubba, Sevi's favourite with one twisted foot. Cagney and Lacey the brown bonnetted hens, not pretty but they lay nice eggs. These are all my (potential) layers and with me being a veggie I am not happy eating fertilised eggs, not that there is anything wrong with them and I am happy to cook with them, just don't fancy a soft boiled one. I have been hankering after a soft boiled egg for so long now, but I still feel mean splitting them up.


Today has been a big day for the scrawnies. Two have laid their first eggs for us this morning. One was found in the run so we don't know who laid it, the other was from the lightest hen, Milly, who needed company so tunnelled under poor Lacey, who is having an off day and wanted a lie in, and laid her egg in there. Come to think of it, Molly did her usual trick of getting herself trapped in a small space in the feed shed so it might be worth a look in there.......will have to take the barrier down later anyway.

 Milly pushing her way under Lacey
 Egg found in the pen
 Milly's egg
I know, they're just ordinary looking brown eggs, but they are special to us!

And the reason for all the shuffling is that we need the nursery for the next batches of chicks. We have a dozen marams due in a few days (maybe ten are viable) and a dozen Polands have gone in too, as well as five Shumen. We have a new incubator coming today as we had another go at running the brand new one we brought out with us which gave up the ghost before the first hatch was complete, so we lost all the eggs. It is no good, we can't trust it. The one we are using is OK, but it is old and we don't want to be in the same position where we have nowhere to put eggs if it breaks. We also have some 'Easter Egger' eggs coming, so named as they are all different colours. Easter eggers are a type rather than a pure breed. All go!

We have had a set back in the weather, waking up to a sprinkling of snow one morning, followed by a sharp frost. Just a reminder that it is still only February. We have had to extend the seed area by the window to protect the delicates. The new extension is proving very useful as boot and coat room, incubator room and nursery. It still hasn't been finished though, it's just too nice outside.

 Not quite sure what happened to all my extra work space.....................
 A little spring violet, not bothered about snow.

 The snow effectively watered the garden, which made mud, which was brought into the house on doggy paws (the trouble with having the door open!) There was more inside than on the yard. Bless them, butter wouldn't melt....

In the kitchen I have been reduced to making peanut butter for Dave as it is difficult to get nice stuff here, usually it is only available on offer. It is so easy and even I like it. I just used a bag of roasted peanuts with some of the salt rubbed off, a dash or two of oil and a couple of teaspoons of honey. Dave is a happy boy.

Also had another try at fruit buns, and this time I didn't burn them! Yummy.

And finally, for the bug lovers amongst you....or do spiders not count? Whatever you think, this is very unusual!

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  1. I promise you'll get your extra work surface back!!!!! Vincent