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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

It's gone very quiet....

...all the young cockerels have now gone to their new homes. And all the new owners seem to be pleased with them, especially the ones who had a trio, the only one to get hens. She has been pining since coming out here eighteen months ago as she had all sorts of fowl in the UK and has been without and missing them.

Ready for the off...

We have now mixed all the chickens though they still go to their respective houses at night. The young pullets have settled back into the big girls' group, though the one with twisted feet is getting picked on a bit. She takes it in good humour. The 'Scrawnies' (Dave's name for them)  or ex-batts as I would rather call them, have settled well and the others are leaving them alone. They are still not too strong on their pins but are eating well and mixing, Sevi sidles up to them occasionally, but they ignore him and turn away and he leaves them alone. They have perched briefly but still feel safer piled into a nest box together. Old habits die hard!

The older hens are very happy to be allowed to get to their favourite dust bathing site...ecstacy!

We have been taking advantage of the good weather and getting on with jobs in the garden. But although temperatures can get up into the twenties during the day, I have been caught out when I forgot to bring the tomato seedlings in at night and lost both lots of cherry tomatoes and some standard. it's a good job I started them early and have time to do more, but have no more cherry seeds which is a pain as we have bought some troughs to put on the wall for them, the wall being a bit rough. Will see if I can find some on line. We have put in another couple of hundred onions and some peas and broad beans, but not enough broad beans, it's hard getting used to having planty of space! There are seedlings a-plenty in the greenhouse, mostly half hardy. The tender peppers and tomatoes are indoors now. Not sure if the peas, sweet peas and beans we put in the greenhouse before the big freeze will germinate, but carrots, land cress, beets and salad leaves have all started to come up. Dave has finished the new cold frame so there will be plenty of room for hardening plants off later on.
Peas and beans are here,,,honestly
 We are very pleased with the cold frame

Dave has started to clear out the unused buildings, starting with the garage where he found some interesting glass bottles, large size, which are lovely but we have no idea what we can do with them. He also found and old gerry can or two. Next he will tackle two buildings which have old bales of lucerne and personal stuff from former owners. It seems a shame to chuck stuff away but if no-one wants it......

The warm weather has brought more bugs out, I do like bugs but not the bitey kind. Also thouisands of bulbs are still coming up, they must be very deep as Dave dug the wall border well last year. The rhubarb I grew from seed is pushing through, a nice surprise as I didn't think they would cope with the cold. We have had lots of broccoli so they owe us nothing and the chard is romping away, yum. We have been out and about a bit the last couple of days and everywhere is going green. Last March, when we came over for a viewing trip, there were some greenish fields, but nowhere near as many as this year. Just shows how mild it's been.

 Chervil. I can't believe this has come through the cold, I could never keep it going in the UK.

Venka has almost made friends with the dogs at last. We were sitting in the sun talking to a neighbour with the dogs sniffing around when Venka and Jordan actually came over to say hello. Venka was delighted when Bonnie sat for her when she asked her to, and even gave her a bit of a stroke with one finger, very brave. Bella decided she was having a stubborn moment (she is prone to these) and was not doing anything Dave asked, but at least Venka didn't run for the hills when Bella went near her!

We had a tasty treat from our Russian neighbour the other day, a plate of pancakes. I love pancakes, so thank you Tanya. Just what we needed after delivering the chickens. I am hoping Tanya will soon have a website up and running for her paintings. She is very talented and I especially like the oil paintings of flowers, I am sure she will sell some but she needs more exposure.


  1. I love the pictures of your bugs! They are beautiful even if you don't want them in the house or garden. But then some are good for the garden. Do you have any books to tell you what you have? I do have to get a book one of these days. Or I guess I could look them up online. I hear most bugs don't like lavender so I keep plenty of sachets of the stuff in my house. I guess I am lucky I like the smell too. So far, so good. I don't have to deal with bugs in the house.

  2. Love reading about your new life in Bulgaria. I have had a home in Bulgaria since 2006 and divide my time between Bulgaria and Romania as my husband works in Romania.

    1. Hi Janine, and thank you. Is Romania as nice as Bulgaria?