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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Not much to report......'s still cold, there is still snow, we haven't been anywhere.

Dave is going a bit googly eyed with being confined to base, whereas I am quite happy pottering about home. But it does mean that, as is normal recently, it is a struggle to find anything to say.

The snow is being brushed off the paths as quick as it can fall, and if that means going out before getting dressed then that is the way it has to be! Bonnie can't believe he is doing it before she has even had her early morning walk! What is the world coming to?

I opened the door to see why he was so long outside without clothes and the heat from the door masked him......
 But there he is, in the snow, in the dark, in his dressing gown, slippers and nothing else but a neck warmer!

We were going to try to get out to the market today, we are out of potatoes as they are tending to be a bit rotten and half the last sack is on the compost heap. You can't tell how black and bruised they are as they are not washed. They also need careful cooking as they are gluey. Of course if we had these problems in the UK you would check out all the other varieties in the supermarket, and all those people who say there is no of course not, but I worked in Tesco and could name at least eight off the top of my head, not including the so-called new potatoes and bakers. But we are OK, we just cut the bad bits off and do without jacket potatoes, and thank goodness a sack only costs a couple of quid. I must admit, though, I was looking forward to cheap and easy lunches of jacket potatoes cooked in the stove which is lit anyway. We will just have to grow what we can ourselves and hope it's a good year for spuds....if we can work out what 'seed potato' is in Bulgarian. We have also decided to get some ex-bats from the market as eggs are thin on the ground and I want more from my girls. One of the Shumen girls looks as if she will soon start laying, but it will be better to wait till the weather is better. It is warming slowly, only -4 last night.

But the car has a flat battery, so maybe not, we'll see.

We have also run out of bird food and now my culinary seeds and nuts box is empty, so a major stock up is needed. We have been offered some walnuts which need picking up. The tits have resorted to eating the fat balls we arefully made for them, but the sparrows are making do with chicken food. The chaffinch will get what the others leave or drop. Dave thought he saw our first blackbird yesterday, lets hope it comes back.

 We had a visit from Baba Dochka from down the lane yesterday. Her little dog, Mimi, went missing a few days ago and Dave has already had a good hunt round for her after the neighbours mentioned it. Anyone who has read earlier posts might remember that Mimi was coming in the garden at one time and got herself tangled in the chicken fencing one night, meaning Dave was in the garden gone midnight trying to untangle a strange and frightened dog in the dark. All gaps are now blocked so she can't get in, but she can still get out of her garden and after the possible poisoning of the elderly alsatian and knowing she gets her collar caught in fences, she could be anywhere. Not good in these temperatures. It is highly unlikely anyone has taken her in, but we live in hope. Poor Dochka, nutty she may be (she is the lady who is constantly banging a bin lid and sooing birds from her garden. Nicknamed Mrs Shoo.) but she is still looking for her dog, chain in hand, days after she went missing so it must mean something to her.

Update to the above...........

I decided I really didn't need to go to the market, Dave is a lot quicker on his own. And it is still -5 out there so I would use too much energy keeping warm. I need my energy! Anyway there were no chickens in the animal market, just horses and we don't need one of them. He did come back with eggs though. Not the half dozen I was expecting, but a trayful! Interesting shapes and sizes they are too. So baking is on the cards later I think. He also went to the vet's for dog meat (small supermarkets don't seem to have it) and got three boxes of parakeet food so happy garden birds.

Large, small and mis-shape.....

While he was out we had our own amusements at home. Bella dog was huffing at the door and I ignored her as I thought it was Dave home, he is never long. Suddenly a movement caught my eye and Bella tried to get under the TV unit. A tiny shrew had come in through the gap in the door and was doing a tour of the room. This kept Bella happy for ages while I tried to get the wee beastie into a yogurt pot (they bite!) Well, it was only about an inch long minus tail. In the pic it is covered in Bonnie's lab hair, which shows how small it is. Dave came home and said he would put it in the wood shed which is probably where it came from. I wasn't keen as the chooks have access there, and suggested the garden, but it is still frozen. So off he went and put it amongst the wood. Unfortunately for the shrew he was watched, and the tiny mite became a nice protein snack for Venus fly catcher, now re-named! She's been a bit off colour lately but there's not much wrong with her appetite!


  1. I hope little Mimi is found soon, keep us posted. The little shrew is really cute, I like him. Let's hope Winter finishes soon and normal life will begin again. Love to both XX

    1. Will do Cindy. Unfortunately Venus rather liked the shrew too....down in one! ooops.

  2. I've never seen a shrew! Poor little doggie out in the bad weather. Maybe an ex-pat took her in. I hope so. We are all hoping for an early spring. This winter has been a cold one.

    1. We are also worried about Mimi, most people around here only have them as yard dogs, but Baba Dochka seems lost without Mimi.

  3. I have spent the last two afternoons reading your lovely blog. Can we have more please love to hear all about your adventure

    1. Thank you Diane. Once the snow has gone and we come out of hibernation there will be more to share, but at the moment we are not seeing much of the outside world.Spring will be hectic with all that needs doing here and we want to get out and about more too, the cameras are primed and ready....