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Friday, 7 February 2014

R.I.P. Venus

Well, we have had a mixed day today. The big thing being we lost my lovely Venus fly catcher. She has been a bit off colour lately though still eating well. You just know when one of your ladies is not well. But today she was worse and has lost weight, so instead of letting it go on Dave did the deed and she is now at peace. I have to admit to her being one of my favourites and will miss her, but we have others to worry about.

Here in the middle
 And on the right, with Chubba, having a look to see where her warm mash is...

On a better note one of the boy chicks has gone to a new home today. He will be bullied by six ex-batts owned by a lovely lady up the road. It will be a lot for him to cope with initially, but he will grow up fast!
We have told the lady to bring him back if it doesn't work out, so fingers crossed we don't see him again. The oldest boy and two girls are supposed to be going at the weekend, weather permitting, which will leave one blue and one bossy black one. Someone has expressed an interest in the blue, but until it's gone you never know.

The sun is blazing today, causing a thaw, so hopefully we will see the end of the snow...and return of the mud...some time soon. It has real warmth in it. Our weather forecast has given us 17 for next week with no frost at night, I hope they are right!

Dave has been busy with his painting, though he has moved downstairs so he doesn't have to light a fire in the bedroom. His latest picture, of male lion Tejas, is a beauty. His eyes follow you everywhere. It was on the kitchen unit drying the other day, Bonnie and Bella were asleep on Dave's sofa, when Bonnie woke, started growling then flew at the picture barking aggressively...poor old dear, her sight isn't what it once was. It's nice to know she would take on a lion for us, I hope it never comes to it! Dave has now been asked to paint a tiger for someone so all good.

Tejas, an Asiatic lion, was hand reared at Chester Zoo in 2007, and his story was followed by TV cameras at the time for a nightly programme, Zoo Days. He now lives in Europe where is a successful sire and has his own Friends of Tejas  Facebook page.

The girls have deserted me since the very cold weather started. My sofa is in the coolest part of the living room so now they cuddle up to Dave when they are not cuddling up to the stove. If all else fails they both squeeze themselves next to me. But I won't have them with me while I eat, Dave doesn't notice, but to be fair to the dogs they don't beg and drool over him. He also tends to be watched over by those poor starving chickens....

And now the snow is receding, Bella is back to finding walnuts, the more rotten the better, to chew up on the carpet for us to step on in stocking feet...ouch! However, though I don't mind the odd nut or twig, a branch is a bit much!

No chance miss.


  1. Fabulous painting. I like his woolly hat :o)

    1. Haha it can be a bit chilly in here and he has no thatch! I will be quite happy if this painting doesn't sell though we are running out of space. The next one is a commission.

  2. Love Dave's painting. Sorry about Venus.


    1. He says thanks Tana. Yes, it's sad about Venus, she was rather sweet, but these things happen and we can't let them suffer. Trouble is chickens often don't let you know how bad they feel till it's too late to do anything.