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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Getting on with it

We had a lovely time on Sunday with our ex-pat friends. They made us a great lunch at it was nice to have it all done for us. Dave, who can take or leave curry, thoroughly enjoyed the chicken curry and even had seconds. I had beautifully done mackerel, haven't had that for a while! They had a lovely time going through the cards I had taken along and chose a dozen or so, then asked Dave if he could do a portrait of their dog, Foxy. So altogether a really good day, and if they read this, thank you both for the meal and conversation.

Meanwhile we are getting on with planting up the garden. The weather continues to be warm, though there was a chill wind yesterday. The peas and broad beans are well and truly on their way, the garlic and onions growing every day, and we will be starting to eat the lettuces soon. Many of the peppers and tomatoes have been pricked out into large cells, and the cucumbers are now in their own loo roll 'pots'. Today we have planted sixty potatoes and Dave has started to put up a frame for the climbing beans we will be putting in later. We have had a fatality in the coldframe though, the flipping slugs/snails have scoffed the night scented stock plantlets which were doing so well. Time for some natural slug deterrant I think, will keep all the egg shells and crush them as a barrier to start with. Pesky creatures!
The potato bed

Rotovating a strip for the beans

Also in the garden, we are seeing a lot more spring flowers coming out with the good weather. As well as the daffs there are some flowers which look similar but different to hyacinths, anemone blanda which we planted in autumn, and tulips budding up everywhere. The vinca, where Bella likes to lie out of the sun, is flowering really well too. But the best thing is that the apricot tree is in bloom. The weather forecast has changed and it now says we are unlikely to get another frost, I hope this is right as we really enjoyed last year's glut of peach sized apricots, and unusual happening as with it blossoming so early the frost often kills most of the fruit. The plums and pear trees are also ready to burst into blossom. Very happy bees.
Anemone blanda

I need to find out what this pretty thing is

Bella's vinca bed in the shade

Tulip in bud

Apricot blossom

It is looking less and less likely that there will be many chicks this time around, though the shumen eggs seem mostly fertile. What a waste of time and money. The three in the nursery are doing well, but not getting feathers as quickly as the shumen chicks did. Also in the hen house, the pullet which could not decide what sex it was has suddenly developed into a boy and has started crowing, a few months late but definitely a croaky crow, and has developed adult plumage. So we are now looking for a new home for him before Sevi decides to take things into his own to speak.
Chunky chicks

Heshey, needing a new home
The 'scrawnies' are going from strength to strength and no longer deserve their nickname. I gave both lots of chickens a bowl of home made left over yogurt and they all initially turned their noses up at it.....except the ones who had never seen it before. If it is edible they are the first ones there! Greedy monkeys.
The not-so-scrawnies


  1. I believe your pic #4 is Chionodoxa sardensis, aka, glory of the snow.

    1. Thanks Gloria, haven't had chance to look yet, too busy planting and supervising!

  2. I have been enjoying your posts and can't wait to see your garden in full bloom. All that green is going to be lovely. Good luck with the slugs. We have pretty good luck with pouring a cheap bottle of beer into a pie plate. Slugs are lushes!

    1. We think the molluscs are coming out of the wall at the back of the frame. Dave has poured a load of salt over the wall, too late for the stocks unfortunately.

      Thank you for your continued support Tana. Things are greening up nicely, but we could do with some gentle rain. The blossoms on the fruit trees looks wonderful but a couple more days before it takes a good photo