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Friday, 18 April 2014

New additions

Our chicken family is expanding, we are now up to twenty eight, a number which could change at any time.

Dave has a fancy to raise geese so that he can have a tasty dinner at Christmas. So we were on the look out for some goslings at the market last week. As it happened it rained on market day and a lot of traders didn't turn up. But Dave did turn up at the car with three more ex-commercials! We had dicussed getting some more, we have a nice home to offer a few hens who need it and give them some quality of life for however long it is. They are now in the garage awaiting the all clear health wise.

These ladies are not in too bad condition. They have most of their feathers, are a better colour and seem strong on their legs. They also perch so either they are barn or free range rejects or they have been living in a shed for a while awaiting the market. Unfortunately one is a bully! She is horrible. Won't let the other two near the feeder or water so several piles of food have to be put in, wasteful on food and wormer. Once we know they are healthy, though one is very light, they will go in with the other house hens. If bully is still at it  we will try seeing if Sevi can sort it but we will have to see.
Bully Tilly


Exploring the garage pen

Milly, Molly and Mandy still haven't managed to perch as these ladies do, they sleep on the shelf

They took a while to learn how to drink from a dish, so now have a raised one

As to goslings, we have been offered some locally when they hatch so there is no going back. Dave says he will enjoy taking them out grazing the grass in the lane. But that sounds as if he will be making them pets. Hmmmm. Veggy roast anyone? At least he doesn't have to worry about the last patch of weedy veg garden, the geese can have it and the whole border around our plot.

The chicks are doing well. We have arranged for the first two shumens to go to their new home in a couple of weeks. No joy in finding a home for a maran boy yet though.

We are taking the late developing  black boy to his new home this afternoon, that will make a nice trip out if the rain keeps off. Thet will be twice this week, we delivered a painting (and recieved another comission) yesterday. Busy busy.

Coming up to 25000 views I would like to thank all those of you who are sticking with me. I really appreciate you reading the ramblings and love to hear comments, no matter how short. Thank you.


  1. Love following your story and how well you have settled into your new home. Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you so much, comments are lovely to recieve, especially good ones.