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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fresh veg and orioles

We had a much better car boot sale on Sunday. The weather was dry and people had turned out in their scores. There were many more sellers too and a real buzz with people catching up with each others' news and some who have returned after a winter in the UK. We managed to sell lots of cards, some to repeat customers, as well as some fudge, lots of chutney and some cakes (despite being opposite an artisan baker) There were a couple of sellers of British foods so splashed out on some British style sausage for Dave (he didn't like them, tough, tasteless and dry! He prefers Tesco's. I tried!) and some cheddar and Cheshire cheese. Also I had ordered a couple of bunches of asparagus from the plant man. Bless him, he had picked it just before coming and it was gorgeous. It is two years since I have had asparagus and will be another year before I have more. So much better for the wait. Last year we left the UK before the British strawberries and asparagus got going, and the strawberries were all but done here. Our strawberries suffered from the deluge last week and getting buried, but Venka has passed me some today so happy.

We had forgotten to take the cat basket we borrowed for bringing the goslings home on Sunday, so went back on Monday, taking the dogs with us so that they could have a swim with Dave in the safety of the waterfalls. The river is still over it's banks and far too fast to venture in to. They all had a lovely time and a walk in the fields to dry off. Very tired dogs last night.

A cascade of dog roses

This field of lucerne had already been harvested

There were lots of black bees in and out of this dead tree.

Here's one

Turtle doves everywhere
A nice greeting from the dogs when we returned the basket

Guardians of the lane

Out in the fields there is great activity as the lucerne and some hay has been given it's first cut. There were many trailers on the road being pulled by a variety of horsepower, horses, donkeys, mini tactors and rotovators. On the way home we came accross Venka and Jordan in a field, with others, on the outskirts of the village. Their son-in-law had cut the lucerne, he does some contract farm work, not sure how much but they have a tractor.
A cart load of grass for drying, this pulled by a horse

We are getting our own veg out of the garden now. We had our first peas today, the Bulgarian ones we planted a lot later than the UK ones which have put on a lot of height but have only just really got going in flower. Lesson there, but we had the seed anyway so nothing lost. I didn't bother cooking them, they were so sweet and tender. Picked some spinach, courgette, herbs and garlic and I peeled the trimmings from the end of the asparagus, and we had green spring veg linguine with some fresh cheese Venka had sent over...Dave had chicken too, but not home grown. A very healthy meal...but then we had home made walnut, herb and cheese bread, just a little while it was warm. Ah well, at least we didn't have butter!
Still small, but absolutely scrummy. They are petit pois so wo't gey much bigger

Fresh cheese from Venka

There is a heck of a din in the garden in the mornings, but a nice din as long as no-one wants a lie in. The oriole's have really found their voices now and there was definitely surround sound this morning at 5am with at least four males singing, as well as a few cockerels, cuckoo, hoopoe, tits, woodpecker, nightingale asnd chattering sparrows and swallows. Phew. No wonder I can't sleep. Anyway, Dave was lucky enough to get some nice pictures of the orioles, there were two pairs in the walnut tree, maybe they are arguing about who's tree it is.
There are two pairs here, the ladies top left bottom right, are a similar colour to the walnut leaves with the sun on them.

Lovely boy

Meanwhile, the goslings continue to grow like crazy. They are now confined to the Shumen side as the Shumen can get out of their way better than the ex-batts and chicks, except when Dave takes them out on to tha lane. He has been named 'Papa Dave' and Bella is 'Mama Bella'. Venka has been in for a cuddle and to coo over the latest chicks. I had been making cards outside so I tried to explain how I did it, but it is a bit alien to her I think. The chicks with Cagney are getting ever bolder, causing Mum huge anxiety. I have to admit I will be glad when they are too big to get through the mesh, they are eyeing up my salad.

All grown up and perching on the ark, one hitching a lift on Mum
The flowers continue to improve. Venka loves the brightly coloured pelargoniums. My favourite rose will be stunning if the rain holds off. We have done the first round of tieing in the tomatoes and removing side shoots. The main chore is weeding...and more weeding.

There are now three flower spikes on the yukka.

Beautiful peony with a lovely scent.

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  1. Lunch was lovely, but feeling rough (seems like flu coming) so didn;t get the full impact of the flavours, Sorry darling.