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Saturday, 6 September 2014

We needed rain.............

Dave tried to rotovate the patch where I am planning to plant seed, which worked OK, but the ground was so dry that the clumps couldn't be broken up. I am getting a little worried about getting the spinach and winter salad going and moving the chard.

But then it rained. And did it rain! The weather forecast for the month was dry with temperatures around the thirty mark, but then the other day there was a warning about storms and the forecast has completely changed to stormy for the month. More warm and humid weather....maybe.

But for now we have been having thunder which shakes the house, amazing lightening and monsoon type rain. The yard was flooded, the chooks bedraggled (why don't they go in? They have plenty of places to go) and the geese bundled into the garage as they don't like the rain. The dogs, and even the cat, have been jumping out of their skins, and even I said something like 'oh gosh'! We have had a few leaks in the roof, but Dave went up into the mousy, dusty loft to have a look and found there were no problems he could see, just sheer volume of water.
Dribbling down the inside wall of thestair wall

But he did find me a nice little wicker basket. I have been looking for one in the car boots as everyone seems to find them when they move in to their un-renovated houses, but they are expensive to buy as people like them for ornaments. I want mine for collecting veggies. So I am happy with that.
Bella and Splash take refuge with Dave....

.......while Bonnie tries to hide behind the sofa

So now everything is far too soggy to do anything outside. Looks as if it will be cards and painting. I have some special cards to make for people and Dave is painting a sign for a business. More next week on that.
Looking towards the patch I want to sow winter salads

Looking out of the bathroom window to the neighbours

We went out for our first local meal the other night. We were taken by our English neighbours as a thank you for looking after their cats when they were in the UK for six weeks. It was a lovely evening and a nice change from home cooking, and another couple who had been keeping an eye on the garden watering came too. I didn't even know there was a restaurant there and we drive past every week when we come back from the animal market. Now that we know it is there we might go again.

We still call in at the animal market every week in case our friends' horses turn up there. It has been very busy lately with many horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and poultry. But this week was much quieter with hardly any animals. I expect it is the lull before the storm and soon people will want to get rid of surplus animals before the winter, they wouldn't want to feed anything they don't need to.
The owner of this horse patted and stroked him before leaving it tied to the lamp post while he went into the market. But oh dear, the state of his poor legs

And this chap arrived at the market in the back of a transit, but walked off as calm as you like as if he travels that way every day

All the Shumens have stopped laying now, whether they will start again before the end of the year I don't know. They are moulting like mad, as are my misfits but as yet the ex-batts are still laying. Sevi's tail looks sparse, he is not a pretty boy at the moment. Three of the wild chicks are supposed to be going to new homes this week, leaving just one boy to find a home for. A few less mouths to feed.

Splash is doing well. He has put on 200g in weight and has decided he is too grown up for warm milk now. He is eating tinned cat food and has been seen dipping his nose in his water dish. Must be doing something right he's got too much energy, especially for Bella to cope with. Bonnie still moves away when he tries to climb on her, but he still manages to snuggle up to her fluffy bum for sleeps. As for us humans, we are sporting scratches on leg and arm. He does enjoy a bit of rough and tumble.
I knew there was a good reason to bring the schooling whip with us


Not flattering

Looking tough with fluffed up tail

Wild cat

And sleep time...can you see him?

Under Bonnie's tail....warmmmm

And today's first....he climbed the apricot tree, which has a convenient slop to it's trunk. I wondered where he'd gone. No photo, left the camera indoors. Bless him.
And a bug to finish, moths are great creatures

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  1. I do like moths too, they are pretty. Nice to see you and your house critters warm and dry.