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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Well, the weather held.....

....for a day at least. I was looking forward to having lunch outside and we moved the table out ready...then a sneaky wind got up...came from nowhere. Not to be put off by the flying tablecloth that the weights couldn't cope with, we moved the table nearer the wall. I was not going to be beaten. And yes, the wind cooled the food a little quicker than we would like, but we are in Bulgaria and cold food is normal! Of course, as soon as we had finished, so did the wind.
Santa's been!!! But...I haven't been shopping.

My pillowcase contained  jumper, a couple of sieves, one plastic and one metal, and sweeties. While Dave had whisky, Baba socks and sweeties. The box was from Dave's sister who also sent the lamp shade frame, with shorts, real vanilla products...and more sweeties. So many sweeties.

Quick pic before the food went cold. Nothing burned or overcooked. Lovely

We had a lovely meal in the sun, it was a lovely low key day altogether. We didn't see anyone except the neighbours (who thought it a good day to plough as the ground had dried a bit...they were right!) and a couple who brought us a card and ordered a birthday card. We talked to family on Skype, and as Venka was about when Dave gave his niece a tour of the garden (on Skype) she shouted lots of happy Bulgarian at all the family with great enthusiasm. Bless her, she couldn't see them but knew they were there.
My veggie meal.....which looks more than Dave's goosey meal but he hadn't finished loading.....

Tulip looking hopeful
And Sevi looking....nice but his new glossy feathers

A spot of bird watching, bothe for different reasons I suspect

Pudding came much later

I don't like icecream....

The trifle can wait. It was nice by the way, didn't miss the sherry with having the boozy raspberries

Splash has continued his pursuit of shiny balls, but only, it seems, when he wants attention. The tree has got away lightly so we quit while we were ahead and it has been put away for another year.

Boxing day was taken up making the mince pies and biscuits for the neighbour. While Dave cracked on with decorating them I made some cards for our friend to choose from. Dave took them round to next door, away from the animals and damp in the back room or heat in the kitchen.

An ususual decoration for mince pies, but they were for a party rather than Christmas

So yesterday was our Boxing day I suppose. We talked to family again and showed them the snow....yes, SNOW. It had started spitting the evening before but was snowing hard by 5am, turning black Bella white when she went out for a wee. What a change. It snowed all day but it was wet and was melting as fast as it settled so didn't get any deeper than a couple of inches. Bonnie turned into a bouncing puppy for a minute or two, chasing Bella around the box bush, with Splash darting about aimlessly wanting to join in but knowing that Bonnie can be a tad clumsy. It froze hard overnight so at least it was easy walking about doing the birds in the morning. It seems to be thawing but we have -14 forecast next week, with a little more snow. Hopefully it will kill off any bugs which came out, fooled into thinking spring had arrived.

A nice pastel sunrise this morning. We have had amazing sunrises and sets these last couple of weeks

An alternative Christmas tree, the chillis are ripening well. Splash doesn't seem to want to play wth them

Dave is bravely helping to get through the sweeties before the season is over. Cadbury's was never like this in my day

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