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Monday, 26 January 2015

Dull, damp and soggy

I don't mean the weather exactly, though that is the way it has gone the last few days. But things left in the garden have succumbed to the intense cold we had a few weeks ago. Being not long out of the UK we still think of plants such as sprouts and kale as hardy winter veg, But no, the thick stalks have become mush, the little sprouts have mostly browned and the kale, which is supposed to be a perennial, has flopped. Here and there there is a smidgen of green, all the cabbage stalks left in the ground are looking dismal, with just a couple having new little cabbagelets hiding beneath slimy leaves. Even the chard has given up.
These were caulis

Oh dear, sprouts

And the kale

Cabbages trying to re-srout

On a plus note, the lettuces are growing well, some carrots are holding their own and mini beets are showing growth. Even the chives have not given up completely, how mad is that?


You can't see them but the onions and garlic are growing

The roses that were still trying to flower before Christmas have mummified buds....full of sog! And if you dare to walk on the garden, well, it's soggy and a foot of mud will come in with you, ready to make you slip and hurt yourself.
One of the many rose buds which didn't get to bloom

But it won't be long before spring. A ladybird came out for a nosey and the bees have been active and come out for sugar syrup to top up their reserves. There is a bit of bird song and the woodpeckers are very busy protecting their territories. The owls are very noisy at night too. And some buds are swelling and self seeded annuals are vibrant.

Vine buds swelling

Looks as if we won't need to sow poppies in the herb bed this year
We have been having trouble with the internet lately, not what you need when you are restricted because everything outsde So despite the dismal light we make cards, or paint, or cook.
First ever pitta bread. So easy and I don't know why I have not made them before

With home made coleslaw, a sprinkle of cheese and some ham for Dave
Never mind, some are happy, the hens and ducks are doing a great job of clearing the half of the veggie patch they are allowed in, and hopefull eating lots of bugs too!
Now, do we have enough fencing to let them in to clear the cabbage patch..................


  1. Oh dear, the temperatures are different for you in your new home. We covered our lemon tree for a few days when freezing temps were predicted. We used an old sheet. Maybe you could rig up a few row covers using plastic and bamboo plant stakes. All will be well in spring; I see some buds in your photos.

    1. I was intending to use the greenhouse this year to keep some greens going, but it got whisked away in a mini hurricane last year. Then was looking for a second hand polytunnel frame. Something might turn up for next year, but though we get little wind, when we do we can get proper wind so things need a strong structure.

      And yes, despite it being January, there are signs of sprong. So different from last year though when we were in drought and the land was already being worked by now.

  2. I just don't understand why your cabbagey things succumb to the cold (or wet) yet your lettuce grows and doesn't get frosted. It's the other way round here. Very odd!

    The pitas look lovely - well done. I've never tried. Talking of soggy things, I have a soggy cat climbing on me now making it hard to type. Phew he's gone now.... :-)

    1. Weird isn't it? We have let the fowl though now to clear things up for us, I wasn't sure if the ducks could reach the few sprouts that have sort of survived, but they can!

      We don't really get a soggy cat unless Dave gets him with a syringe of water when he goes on the worktop. He doesn't do rain, there are plenty of outhouses to hunt in.