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Thursday, 22 January 2015

I do try..... make sense of computers. It's no secret that I am a more mature person, I have worked most of my life with animals or in catering, with a few years home shopping and a two year stint, many years ago, in an office,  sales ledger clerk, inputting 'stuff' But what I was doing was not hard and there was no 'mouse', it was all set up and all I had to do was enter information when it asked, and look for records it wanted. It is probably the easiest job I have ever had, I spent a lot of time on my own sorting out the cockroach-ridden archive attic and the rest leisurely entering the information and chatting with others, drinking cuppas and smoking (which shows how long ago it was) Unfortunately when the company was taken over my leisurely life came to an end as one of the few who had been there under two years, so not entitled to redundancy pay, we went first. I was in good company, very few were kept on despite assurances and a cash bonus from the departing owners, all management were paid off with several managers buying the bit of the company the new owners were going to close down. Anyway, I digress. I went back to working with horses and tried to do a computer course at the local college. It was supposed to be for beginners but because it was a certificated course and most had been sent by employers to get their certificates and they knew what they were doing, they got all the attention. Because all I had done was data input I was clueless and no matter how I tried to get the tutor to help me with terminology and ordinary letter writing I was largely ignored. So I admit that after a few weeks I gave up.

Many years later, now married to Dave, I made tentative steps to do a little bit on his computer. This was mainly because we had become involved with a  labrador rescue and I wanted to join in on the forum. And that is how I started to learn a bit....once I had learned to control a goodness it was a very skittish mouse!! Eventually I was brave enough to join other forums and spent time looking for information on google and the like.But I am still very limited in my knowledge and easily confused, and the terminoogy that even beginners are supposed to know is beyond me.

The point of all this explanation is that, although I have been doing this blog for nearly two years, I still have no idea how it works, same with other sites such as facebook. So today I asked Dave to help me to sort out the information on here. He was the one who started the blog, but didn't really get going so I took over. As his profile was never updated this must have caused confusion, as it did me when I read it the other day (it seems I had a wife!),

So any readers out there who may be confused, I apologise and we are working at sorting things out. While doing this I realised that the setting for who could comment was set to those registered as followers,  (not many) something which I know has caused problems in the past as I got messages from people on forums instead of here. I would especially like to apologise to Trillium in Canada, who asked me to check my settings ages ago but I kept forgetting to ask Dave to show me how! It is now set to public (or something) which means anyone can comment I think. If I get any undesirables I may change it, we will see.

Meanwhile thank you to all those who have persevered and posted comments, they are much appreciated. And anyone still reading this particular entry, well done for getting this far.

Meanwhile there is not a lot to report from our small corner of Bulgaria. We are in waiting for spring, we are unable to do much outside as the ground is still sodden and we are due some more bad weather, too wet to weed and too cold to plant. Dave is sorting out any jobs he can which don't cost anything, like moving the compost heap (again!) and re-jigging the fences. The cold frame is ready to go too, after the next bout of weather. By then the lettuces and onions and any other bits sown indoors will be able to go out. I am being careful not to sow any more tender stuff than we can accommodate on the window ledges and small table in the porchy bit. Some things, like peppers and celery, are tender but need a long growing season so will be accommodated on the table with a foil backing to try to keep them straight. Any that don't work will be replaced when the weather picks up.
Hopefully the snails will stay away and the plants will get more attention with it being close to the house

Our beautiful old lab Bonnie has been having problems, and after trying to get a vet out, who had been highly recommended, we gave up waiting and took her to a local vet. He seems confident that she has some kind of herpes virus which has caused a couple of worrying lesions which wouldn't heal. She had a jab with another to come in two weeks and they are already drying up.I have to admit it is hard to have confidence in a new vet when we used to live across the road from our's in the UK and had used them for many years. The mobile vet who was going to come could at least speak English. With the best will in the world sketchy Bulgarian is a worry when trying to explain.
It was a miserable day

Our terrible teenager is continuing to test our patience. but Bella is actually letting him know when he is too rough, and generally he is keeping his claws to himself. He will still leap on one of us occasionally but it is getting less. Bonnie has accepted that he is here to stay and though she gets fed up of him hanging off her tail (a lab tail, always wagging with good humour, soooo tempting to a half grown cat) she does actually sniff him and accept him cuddling up to her.

He is practicing his climbing skills in the apricot tree, determined to catch a sparrow, or better still the woodpecker. I haven't seen his friend in the garden recently, but he spends hours outside at night, despite me anxiously opening the door periodically to see if he will come in. I can't help worrying, he's still quite small and the pine martens take no notice of the electric fencing.

We watched a programme about pets this morning....accompanied by Splash who was determined to get to the squeaking puppies inside the computer....and found out that the scratching that they do is actually more to get rid of the old claws so that a nice strong and sharp claw can come through. I never knew that, but it explains a lot. Daft programme, but useful.
I know they're in there!

I'll just sit and wait
We think he had a double whammy of happenings the other day. He came in afer a play session, catching all sorts of whatever on the lawn, and was shaking all his paws so we think he found some new nettles poking through. He was getting over that when he started to attack one paw which started to swell, so possible one of the sleepy bees objected to being played with. It went down without us having to resort to piriton. he wasn't happy!
Chew chew chew....

...shake chew chew....

I am NOT happy!
And the ducks made us giggle the other day. They are funny, especially when they argue with Sevi (he wins) Dave diligently fills their bath up with fresh water daily, but do they appreciate it? No, of course not. They are much more interested in paddliing around in the slurry resulting from the old water being emptied! Ah well. We are on the look out for a few more in the hope of getting some duck eggs, not sure if these will ever lay as they are meat birds really, but they are still moulting so who knows. We are happy to have them as pets, but they really ought to have names, other than Spot and Spotty!

Totally ignored clean bath water!

Finally, regular readers will remember our friend having her horses stolen back in summer. We went to our local market every week to check that they weren't there, but eventually searches had to stop, a hearbreaking decision but inevitable. The poor couple have had so much bad luck with their animals this year losing other family friends too, that they have decided to sell up and return to the UK, once the farm is sold. She has now gone home and hopefully will heal with her family around her, while her husband stays to try to sell the property. We will miss them but wish them the best of luck and hope her family around her will help to heal her sore heart.


  1. I loved reading todays post Sara :)

  2. Same here. Trillium

    1. Hey Trillium, you're still here. How lovely to hear from you.

  3. Glad to see that I can now easily leave a comment. Have been enjoying your posts from the beginning. As for speaking limited Bulgarian, when we (husband and I) have to speak to someone about a matter, we sometimes write out a "script", using Google Translate.
    From: Near Plovdiv

    1. That is basically what we do, but feel we should have a bit more grasp after twenty months. I sometimes think you can try too hard and I can certainly understand more than I can speak....on the other hand I get my tongue in a twist trying to speak my own language and have to stop and untangle! Mostly it's lack of opportunity, especially with me as I rarely see anyone.

      And thank you very much for your kind comment.

  4. I still have issues with blogger... understanding issues that is and I have been at this blogging lark for years and years. We had a very sickly dog when we first arrived here and our Spanish was nil but we went to see the vet that we were told spoke English and of course she didnt really speak any English at all but we got by with mime and drawings (try miming or drawing diarrhoea... its hilarious) and a lot of medical terms are in English. I love your kitty... he's very cute.

    1. There are quite a few ex-pats around here so the vets are used to it, they are a husband and wife team who both have a few words, but he pulled out a book with Bulgarian and English descriptions on pictures so that Dave knew what he was talking about. But we have no idea if it is contageous or where it came from even though he tried looking it up when he came home. The vet seemed very sure about what he was seeing though.

      As for the cat, yes, pretty for a feral, but oh my....the energy! The sooner he has a visit to the vet the better! haha

  5. I know the feeling about computers..... :-)
    Love the video of the little chap and the photos! I can't begin to imagine trying to deal with vets etc in Bulgarian. It's bad enough in French and we half speak the lingo! Hope your dog gets better soon.

    1. Haha, it's surprising how many regular users of computers have no idea how to do more than the basics, we are not alone.

      Sadly we all get old, but we are not used to our lovely gentle Bonnie being anything other than fit and vibrant and it's hard to see her age so fast. Mind you, she still insists on finding her ball several times a day in the hope that you will throw it for her, time and time again. Alas if we did it would do her aching joints no good at all. It has to be a couple of catches from a standstill these days

  6. I'm checking from StatCounter to see where my readers come from - and I see you as a new subscriber. (Millymollymandy I know from her blog and Google Plus)
    Happy to add your Bulgarian window to my Feedly.

    If I can, I'm happy to help with the blogging queries. Also a self-taught silver surfer, with a libray background where techie people set up all the techie bits for me to simply go ahead and use. Or whine at THEM, when it didn't work!