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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Animals feeling the heat

All the birds and animals are feeling the heat, we are reaching 40C far too often. There are creatures various sprawled all over the place.

Splash has taken to sleeping in the corridor at night and we don't usually hear anything from him till he wants his breakfast, The door at the top of the steps is left open for him to come and go, with the bedroom doors firmly shut in case of other 'visitors'.The reason for this? Well, we think, as he likes his comforts, he is miffed because we have taken his comfy blanket off the bed...and horrors! We have had the air conditioning on at night and it's COOL, too cool for cats! But at least we sleep better, partly because of the air con and partly because we don't have a cat bouncing all over us at regular intervals. He has, today, had a cat door fitted to he will have to make other arrangements for his night kip....hopefully not with us as it will still be too cool for him.
On the rug in the upstairs corridor, a cat's own space

Or by the door

Or waiting for tea

The dogs, on the other hand, are enjoying the cool, especially Bonnie. Bella will curl up by the bedside table if she wants to get out of the draught, but Bonnie is sleeping better, and certainly quieter. During the day there are less places to keep cool, but the tiles aren't too bad. They are bathed regularly when it gets too hot and that gets them through a few of the hottest hours.
Hot dog......

.....Bella is doing her annual walnut hunt

Bonnie loves the tiles while I'm working...but would rather sit with me and get hot
That's better

The ducks let us know when their pond water is too hot and needs some cool water adding. Poor Ducky (I think it's a he now) gets pushed out so Dave has to stand over im while he cools himself down. As soon as Dave moves the others move back and oust him. He is going to have to toughen up if he is ever to join the group. They are getting all the blemished tomatoes and any cucumbers and courgettes the goats don't need. They are still laying well even though some are a little small, still four on most days. our neighbour will miss her eggs when they stop!
Ducks keeping cool
Little Ducky's new colours make him look an odd shape

The hens are really feeling it too. I swamp the ground as usual so they can cool off in the mud. Cagney is looking a bit patchy as she is moulting, so that must be a relief. It amazes me how the chicks don't get overheated the way they scurry around. They are going off a lot more now and are looking quite feathered. The three amigos are totally unfazed with anything and spend their days foraging and sparring. Still no idea what sex they are. We are still getting plenty of eggs from the hens, though not as many as we were.

Hello Mum

The three amigos, at least one boy on the left but he hasn't, and never has had, a tail
Four well camouflaged little ones off on a mission

Ducky and the chooks cooling off in the sludge

At last it seems Milly is settling down. It has taken a while but we think, as well as missing her old friends, she might have been in season. She has been very vocal and restless but has calmed down now. She has lost a bit of weight but is eating better. Tilly is a podge, and likes a game with Dave.
Browse for the goats...

.....but the chickens like to get in there too

Milly is giving regular amounts of milk, just under a litre in the morning and over a litre at night. More than enough for us (and a bit for the neigbours) but because of the kitchen woes most has been frozen until I have more time. She is getting up into position for milking without being asked. I made our first yoghurt yesterday, really mild and yummy. We'll be having yoghurt soup tonight.


  1. I feel for you as over 30C is too much for us! We can't do any gardening in that heat except for really early in the morning or in the evening, but then most of the evening is spent watering. Love how your chickens have a mud bath whilst mine have dust baths! Ducky is getting very handsome.

    1. We will just ave to put up with it, it's been said that it will last well into August. We won't be doing car boot sales in this heat....te bottles get hot and people think the jam and chutney is blown when the lids pop out.

      We have the sort of soil which caps after watering so keeps the damp longer, Thank goodness we have a well with unlimited water, a friend has just moved to Spain and gets water once a week!

  2. ooooh I love the goats and being able to make goats yoghurt. Very yum. Sympathise with the heat and the animals its the same for us.