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Friday, 13 November 2015

Indian Summer

Well well well, the weather has got warmer and warmer. While locking the chickens up last night some were on the perch with their wings akimbo, feeling rather warm. Even the nights are warmer, duvets thrown off during sleeps, the cats are sleeping out. We are eating meals outside (though the down side to that is there are still some flies about)....but there are no leaves on the trees. Our visitors can't believe their luck! So Dave, my sister and BIL are now back in shorts, much to the horror of the neighbours!
We went out and had lunch sitting by a lake in the sun

I bet this jetty is busy in summer

Spud keeping out of the way of big black dog

Spag bol with garlic bread in the garden today

And the shorts are back

We have ad a bit of a worrying time with poor old Bonnie, bless her. She seems to have aged so much recently, with more and more lumpy bits and creaky joints, the sore spot on her back bothering her and coughing too. So we took her to VT and the English speaking vet with modern facilities for a check over. He says it's just age, nothing sinister and we are relieved that some pills might just make her a bit more mobile, while a wash will hopefully clear an allergic reaction to something (maybe washing soap) which was making her super sensitive to being touched. Bella is properly put out that she had to have a shower too!!
Mmmmm the lovely whiff of wet dog!

Out in the paddock, despite the warm weather, the goats are getting winter coats. The cockerel chick, Vernon, seems to think it's spring and is getting busy with the girls, much to their annoyance. He has just started to crow, a nice short one, which I love to hear but only if the boy is good natured. If not I can do without it. I have to say though, he is an odd looking bird, one of the three chicks from the market. The other two are confirmed as girls...either that or the boy is confused. But his tail feathers, which grew quite long, have fallen out so he still looks as if he could have been either.


Odd looking boy

The chooks are still laying enough eggs for our needs with a few still going next door. But they are hiding in the duck house, goat house or dust house by day, feeling the heat in their fresh plumage. The drake has now nearly got his new colours ready for next spring so we can easily tell him from the girl he resembled a few weeks ago.

In the garden...we have lovely sprouts this year, the best I have ever grown. The plants are lying down a bit but I decided that they were better off there than tied up as the disturbance might just make them blow. Looking forward to the first this weekend. The cabbages are lovely too, very sweet after the light frosts we had last week. I have not dug the celery up as planned as we have no frost forecast for a while, but am using the outer stalks for soups and stews.

We had a planned outing with friends last week. To a bird fair. Dave is wanting some more ducks and is toying with the idea of other fowl. We have only been to the sales in VT which are large and well attended, but this was in a different area. Friends arrived and off we went in high spirits, eventually found the venue....and half a dozen stalls selling mostly pigeons. What a let down! Ah well. Home to stew and apple and mincemeat crumble pie. But they did fetch me a bucket load of fennel from their garden. So have got that chopped and frozen for soups, the very tasty fronds are dried, a bit for salad and the rest braised and sqirrelled away for winter. Yum.

The goats and chickens enjoying the trimmings
Venka's still feeding us, either at the table or giving us goodies. We had a crate of potatoes the other day which is nice. Today it was fried doughnuts. I anticipate some rock cakes some time as she asked for the recipe which we gave her along with sultanas and multi coloured cherries as they are not likely to be in their stores.

All the neighbours ad a plate of goodies to mark the anniversary of the death of a relative

And a few pics of flowers
A curiously fragrant chrysanthemum wich was a striped plant bough last spring. The insects are loving it

Lots of drone flies about, large flies which look like bees

And still the roses bloom

There are a few hips about

Pretty chrysanth

The pelargoniums are still going strong

Not a pretty rose, but a nice resident
We are able to take some leaves from the lettuce now

Barley sprouting for the goats and birds


  1. we had an indian summer but now Autum has moved in during the last week with vengance, I have been moving plants undercover today in readiness for winter arriving :-)

    1. We enjoy it as a bonus, but we know we could be in for a bad winter. We'll see.

  2. Vernon! Ha, what a name. :-) I'm envious of the shorts weather but it is very mild here and we still have flowers too, so it's quite odd. I think you were under snow or ice about this time last year, weren't you? My bought lettuce seedlings which are in a covered cold frame have grown nicely which I wasn't expecting at all, so we have some salad stuff left. But could do with a real frost to kill off some of the weeds in the veggie patch! Shame about your bird fair.

    1. Well, had a look at last year, this time. The snow had gone and it was misty and murky. But interestingly the chickens were in the middle of moult and here most have already moulted and re-feathered. Our weeds have slowed considerably which is surprising given the weather. Looking good again for today. We'll enjoy it while we can.

  3. We are also having fantastic weather and my shorts wearing man gets similar reactions from the locals who are sporting fleece's and scarfs despite the sunshine. Hope your lovely dog is more comfortable now. Enjoy the great weather while it lasts.

    1. We are! How lucky is my sister? It could have been awful for them coming over at this time of the year but they are loving the outdoor living.

  4. Hope Bonnie is feeling better after her bath. Have your sister and BIL bought a place and is it close to you?

    1. Thank you Janice. She seemed better but is super sensitive this morning.
      They have and it is about half an hour away in a village we know quite well. More next time

  5. I don't comment often but I do read all the time and am really enjoying hearing all about your life over there.

    It is lovely that you now have some family near by and the weather is being so good to you at the moment.

    Vernon looks hilarious without his tail. It's a difficult look for a boy to pull off whereas my girls just look cute when they have no tails.

    1. I love to read comments so thank you, whether it's one a year or once a blog. Very much appreciated

      Vernon, I have to say, is a very odd looking boy, but so far is looking good natured....unlike the three amigos (RIP) I suppose there is a small possibility he may be better looking in Spring, but as long as the girls are happy, we are.