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Sunday, 28 February 2016

No poet am I...

Before I go any further I must thank each and every one of Sara's followers of her blog for their kind thoughts and messages at this devastating time for me. Each one of them have been read and it gives me strength to realise how much Sara was admired and loved. not just by me.

I apologise for not replying to each message individually, but as you can understand at the moment to survive without her is a daily ordeal and as with the tsunami of emotions I have at the moment. It is hard to reply to each message individually and to give Sara the praise that she so deserves. Each morning I wake to face the new day ahead without my beloved Sara, but I find some solace in writing a poor attempt at poetry to try and build some strength to carry on with day to day life.

As time goes on I will write not just prose, to embrace what Sara not only gave to me but to many others her love for life, that she was living the dream that so many desire, I was blessed to have known I will try to continue on her blog as her legacy.

Shine bright for me my Darling

Shine bright for me my darling
So that I can find you
Be it rain or snow
In the darkness to the night
Shine bright for me my darling.

The morning sun as she rises
Carries my love up to you
Be sure to catch it in the wind
As is sails on up above
Then at night, Shine bright for me my darling.

As each new day I may falter,
Be sure to know for sure,
My love for you will never falter
Wait for up there and

Shine bright for me my darling.

Good night to you my Darling

Does the flame upon the candle I light for each night,
flicker lightly in the breeze,
Or that you have returned all but briefly,
To comfort me and see that I am alright.

Each passing day without you I will surely falter,
But my love for you is so, so strong,
And that love gives me so much strength,
To then get up and help me carry on.

As  I lay my head upon my pillow to try to sleep at night,
I wipe the tears from my eyes and wish you a fond goodnight.
Tomorrow will be another day and I will soldier on,
Knowing that one day we will be together and kiss and embrace each other once.


  1. Lovely words and I am so sorry for your loss xxx

  2. Beautiful words, so hard to read without crying for you and your loss. xx

  3. Through the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes I am seeing your lovely words and seeing how proud she would be.

  4. Beautiful words Dave, you have done Sara proud.

  5. Beautiful words Dave.

  6. Beautiful words Dave.